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Decorate a Halloween Window - Use Window Cling!

Updated on August 21, 2014

Window Clings are Fun and Cheap Halloween Decorations!

Decorate a Halloween Window using Window Cling! I love using window cling as some of the best, easiest and cheapest Halloween decorations that everyone can use. Window clings are great if you live in a small apartment and may not have a yard or front porch to decorate and still want to show your love of this very popular holiday.

There are many types of window cling for Halloween from the creepy and scary to the sweet and charming and they're getting better each year. Halloween window cling can also be reused year after year and you can create quite a collection of decorations that are easy to store without taking up much space.

I've used window cling to decorate our very large business windows during the Halloween season and highly recommend them for your business too as well as home use. Window cling is also a simple way for the kids to decorate and get involved in the spirit of Halloween!

Enjoy browsing this page full of fun Halloween Window Clings, a great video demonstration and tips to easily apply and use these great decorations.

(image of Menacing Mummy Window Cling courtesy of and featured to the right)

Peeping Zombie - Creepy Zombie is pretty life like!

Peeping Zombie Window Cling (Pack of 12)
Peeping Zombie Window Cling (Pack of 12)

Don't you love this spooky Peeping Zombie window cling! He'd look great in a front window peeking out from around your curtain with a light shining up to show him off and could give you that scary Halloween decoration you want easily.


Share your Thoughts..... - Everyone's opinion matters!

Do you like using Cling to Decorate?

Fun Glittering sparkle for any glass - Get all these window decorations for less than $5!

When decorating for the spooky season in my restaurant, we used lots of these window clings because we had huge floor to ceiling windows. This type of decorating allows you to mix and match several designs or to choose a particular theme and run with it. Super easy to apply, use and re-use year after year too!

Keep Out

Halloween Reusable Window Cling ~ Graveyard Warnings: Keep Out (10 Pieces)
Halloween Reusable Window Cling ~ Graveyard Warnings: Keep Out (10 Pieces)

I like window clings with images and words and this Keep Out choice is a nice option that has 10 different clings with a friendly ghost, dracula, coffin with skeleton and poor little pumpkins!


Black Cats and Halloween just go together so well - Add these window clings to your outdoor windows or indoors on mirrors.

Save the sheets that these come on as you can reuse these year after year and add to your collection of super fun halloween decorations!

Installing Window Cling Tip

Gently peel off the window cling from the packaging, start at one corner and slowly apply to the window or mirror and use a credit card to smooth out to remove all bubbles and get a clean look. It's fast and easy!

EWWW, Vampires! - How scary to walk up to these.... free candy's still worth it:)

Adults and kids alike will admire your creativity and even those that are difficult to spook will get a surprise when they arrive at your home!

Use Window Clings to Make a Cheap Wall Hanging or Halloween Front Door Decoration too!

Browse these Halloween Window Clings or use the search button for even more options!

Using Window Cling Tip:

Instead of just putting cling all over a window randomly, To make window cling look more realistic, set your designs up similar to a picture. Add the moons, stars and words at the top and then place all the scary critters, witches, cats, pumpkins and haunted houses at the bottom. Shine a light onto the image so it's visible from outside.

I hope you found some Great Halloween Ideas for fast and easy decorating! - Your comments are welcomed and very appreciated!

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