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Decorate Your Desk for Halloween

Updated on April 28, 2015

Have the most spook-tacular desk in the office!

I love decorating my work space for every holiday. It's just fun to have something festive surrounding you that reflects the current holiday or season. I work from home, so decorating my area is pretty easy, but any area can be decorated - from a full office to a small cubicle.

You can do something as simple as adding a holiday theme mousepad, set out some Halloween treats or go all out and decorate your desk from top to bottom!

Below are some ideas on how to spookify your own desk!

Office Decoration Photo Credit: Joits

Items that will Make your Work Area Creep-tastic!

* Fake Cobwebs

* String of Lights - either colored or shape (i.e. Skeleton, Pumpkin, Spider, etc.)

* Cardboard Cut-outs

* Halloween Theme Mouse Pad

* Plastic Cauldron filled with candy

* Halloween Clings

* "Caution Keep Out" tape

* Fake Bats and Rats

* Tombstones

* Black and Orange Streamers

* Skulls

* Flameless Candles

Sparkly Spooky Cut-Outs!

A quick and fun way to decorate your area.

Gruesome Group Mini Glitter Cutouts Pkg/10 - use spooky cutouts on your walls, file cabinets and other flat surfaces around the office!

Download Halloween Theme Screensaves!

Halloween Decorating at Work - This office takes their decorating seriously!

Hanging Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

Create a pumpkin wonderland!

Fall Pumpkin Paper Lanterns Pkg/5 - when you are looking to go a bit more upscale with your decorating, consider some pumpkin-shaped lanterns for the ceiling.

Tricks and Treats!

Even if you haven't been bitten by the decorating bug, you can be in the Halloween spirit by leaving some sweet treats on your desk!

Bake up a batch of Halloween cookies or fill creative and festive containers with your favorite Halloween candy.

You'll have co-workers flocking to your desk to sneak a treat.

Giant Hairy Spider

Nothing says spooky like a big spider!

50" Black Hairy Spider - the ultimate in spookiness. Adding a big hairy spider is always a hit with those that like to add a bit of creepy to their decor!

Office Decorating Poll

Do you decorate your desk for holidays?

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Spooky Light Show Ghosts

Line your desk with these chilling spirits!

Light Show Ghost - you can find ghosts that light up and ones that even have a motion detector to make spooky sounds when someone walks by!

Did Someone Forget to Dust? - Spiderwebs help set the spooky mood!

Scream-worthy Silhouettes

Frightening Creatures Lurking in every Corner!

Halloween Silhouettes Pkg/10 - another great way to dress up the walls and other vertical surfaces in your office or cubicle.

Brighten up your Day! - Cordless Lights and Candles for your Desk

Hanging Halloween Paper Fans

Haunting and Whimsical Decor

Halloween Paper Fan Decorations Pkg/6 - another elegant option for ceiling decorations!

Happy Halloween! - Stop by and Say "Hi!"

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    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 7 years ago

      When I used to work in an office, we always decorated our cubicles for Halloween (and xmas too). Fun ideas here!

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

      squid-pinkchic18 7 years ago

      These are such fun ideas! If I wasn't so OCD about my workspace I would definitely try some of these ;) Great lens!