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Halloween Decorating with a Multi-cultural Family

Updated on February 7, 2016

Halloween Decorating With My Multi-Cultural Family

Meet the Moldoveanu family. There's Mom - Alexandra, Dad -Stefan, me - Leon, and my younger brother - Stanley. None of us look alike. My parents are from different backgrounds as are the rest of our ancestors. We love each other and we know how to have a good time. Our favorite family activity is decorating.

As I said, I'm Leon. I'm a rock star. That's why I love to look funky and wear lots of makeup. That hole in the middle of my head? Someone shot me when I was a baby. I survived, but people say I act kind of weird. Like what? I like to act like a bat, eat bugs, sleep in a coffin, stuff like that. Sometimes I chase people with a knife and try to maim or kill them. I never know when it's going to come on, so you just have to be on your toes.

Then there's Mom. She's a witch. Her family has lived here a long time. My Dad' comes from a long line of the living dead. I bet you're thinking he's from Transylvania. The truth is we're not sure. There was some family dispute about a castle in the Carpathian mountains a long, long, long time ago, but no one knows the truth. Than there's Stanley, my little brother. He was born dead - just a bunch of bones.

This is me Imitating a Bat

My favorite thing to decorate is me. As I just said a little while ago, I like to make believe I'm a bat. I cover myself in bat fur, put on wings, scary teeth and hang myself on the house - literally. I see a Psychiatrist and talk to her about this. It might be an identity disorder. She said It probably helps me relieve tension. That's a good thing. As I said before, people wind up in a bad way when I get upset.


My Dad

My Dad is a very cool guy. He likes to take his eyes out and wash them in his mouth. Sometimes he puts them back in the sockets. You can see in the picture what happens when he does that.

Mom says that she fell in love with Dad because he was so handsome. He loves her cooking and that makes her feel good. His favorite dish is Spider Goulash.

Dad's favorite decorating skill is to find all sorts of spiders and put them all over the house. You might say he's obsessed. When he's done with them as decorations, he eats them. Easy way to clean up, right?


My Mom

Mom's a clean freak. She always has her broom with her - even takes it with her when she travels.

Mom tells us how she and Dad met. Dad came from a well-to-do family. They owned lots of plots in cemeteries all over the country. But he was already dating the two-headed ghoul next door. So Mom put a spell Dad so he would only have eyes for her. It worked.

Since she is the cook in the family, Mom's favorite decorations have to do with cooking or eating. The forks are all in shapes of pitchforks. The knives are daggers. You get the idea. So take a look below and see how else she likes to decorate.


My Kid Brother

Stanley was a scrawny kid. You always heard him coming down the hall because he wasn't coordinated and his bones would clank against each other.

This is a picture of Stanley at work. He is a model for a wine company. Isn't he handsome? He's very good at it and they pay him well. He's very proud of himself and we are proud of him, too. But we often miss him. He sits in windows for long periods of time. I think he might be getting arthritis.

Now that Stanley is so good-looking, he's constantly looking at himself in the mirror. That's why his choice of decorations always look a lot like him.

Do you have a family theme? Or does everyone like to be an individual?

What Does Your Family Do on Halloween?

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