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Decorating with Halloween Body Parts

Updated on September 18, 2014

Use Fake Body Parts for your Halloween Decorating Plan

A spooky Halloween can be even more spooky when you decorate with Halloween body parts in and around your home or business. I love having a different theme to my Halloween decorating every year and love having a large selection of decorations to choose from.

I love lowering the lights and strategically placing fake body parts around my home just where it's enough to get a spook from someone not expecting to see it!

Here you'll find a large selection of body organs, arms, legs, bones, bloody bandages and more to add some spook to your home at Halloween or for any spooky party. Check out how easily you could make your own bloody bandages to add more drama to any of these decorations.

We've also added a video demonstration showing how to make your own specimen jars using some of these fake parts - you'll have your own mad scientist's lab in no time!

Have fun browsing Halloween body parts.... for Halloween fun only:)

Life like Skeleton Bones

Decorate with Halloween Body Parts: Hang this 5 feet of Skeleton Bones from a doorway or behind your bathroom door - an unexpected way to spook your family and friends!

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Halloween Body Parts - hide an arm, hand or leg exposed under a chair or sofa at your party - For shrieks and shrills!

Every mad scientist has a laboratory full of creatures and body parts used for research and who knows what else!

Decorate with Halloween Body Parts with Bloody Brain Fake Body Parts - to scatter around your Halloween dining table or keep in the fridge to scare guests!

You could also keep these organs on platters at your front entry for more spook or use them as our intro photo shows on top of books like you're studying them! Have fun - it's Halloween.

Try adding the brain mold for an easy decorating idea

I've used my brain mold every year that my Halloween theme includes spooky and scary!

It's a simple jello mold that I start with clear gelatin and start to chill in the refrigerator.

When it's about half way set, I take it out and then add drops of red on top that slowly ease their way down the sides making it look like the arteries and veins of the brain.

This life like human skull will be a huge hit sitting on a side table, on top of a pile of books or in the entry for the guests to get the feel of your theme right away! -

Leave it plain or decorate it with other body parts for even more spook.

Learn How to Make Spooky Specimen Jars for Halloween Video Demonstration - Simple supplies needed for this craft are shown below the video

You'll need a few specimen jars to decorate with Halloween body parts you make yourself! - Glass jars work well and look most authentic

Use Martha's tips above in the video if you've ever wanted to learn how to create those spooky specimen jars - these are the jars that can get you started.

Use Bloody Bandages for your Fake Body Parts - to make it look more realistic and scary!!

Make your own bloody bandages

* Get some gauze bandages from any drug store

* Cut long strips of the gauze

* Use red food coloring and a small paint brush to add bloody areas

* Dip a finger lightly in the food color to add a bloody fingerprint

* Mix the red food color with a little water to get more of a pink color and blend a few areas of the gauze for a more realistic look

Bid on Unique Halloween Body Parts in Jars on eBay - spooky decorations for your entryway, kitchen, bathroom or dining table!

Line up specimen jars to look like a mad scientist's lab!

Wishing you a Safe and Happy Halloween and thanks for reading.

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