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Decorating Your Small Apartment For Christmas

Updated on November 6, 2013

Decorate Your Small Apartment For The Holidays

Having a small apartment should not be a problem if you want your Christmas holidays to be festive. Christmas for many of us is a time for huge Christmas trees where presents are placed underneath, for stockings hanging on the fireplace, but what if you are lacking precious space?

The solution is to decorate according to what space you have available. There are methods to make the festive holidays be thoroughly felt even within the most cramped apartment.

If you worry that you won't be able to use your decorations if you move to a bigger place next year, then simply limit your options to cheaper Christmas decorations for small spaces.

If decorating your place for the holidays mean a lot to you, here are some ideas for livening up your place in time for the holidays. Enjoy!

Image courtesy: Helen Bingham

Small Christmas Trees

Tiny Christmas trees will look good on a table or shelf.

There are cheap ornamental tabletop Christmas trees you can get.

Do you have a potted plant? Do you think it can be decorated and turned into a 'tree'? An example is a potted Rosemary tree.

If you have a houseplant you can decorate, then that's better than buying a small tree.

A Bit About The Christmas Tree

It was always said that the tradition of decorating an evergreen tree indoors was started by German monk Martin Luther in the 1500s. He was awestruck by the beauty of a group of small evergreens covered in snow and shimmered in the moonlight that he passed while walking in the woods one Christmas eve. He longed to show that beauty to children so he set up a small tree in his home and decorated it with candles to commemorate the birth of Christ.

The tradition of setting up and decorating evergreen trees during Christmas is said to have been brought in to the United States by Hessian troops during the Revolution and by German immigrants.

Overtime, the tree has evolved to become the symbol of what Christ did on the cross which is also called a 'tree'. The star that is placed on top of the Christmas tree represents the star of Bethlehem which revealed the birth of Jesus to the Magi. The ornaments and lights placed on the tree symbolize the glory of Jesus. The gifts placed under the tree, or gift-giving itself, reminds us of the gift we received from God at the birth of Jesus. It is also in continuation of the tradition started by the wise men when they presented their gifts to the child Jesus.


What Does The Christmas Tree Symbolize or Represent?

Christmas Tree Tradition Has Ancient Origins

What About A Bough?

Sometimes, even small tabletop Christmas trees can be expensive. Or maybe trees just don't fit well in your space. In any case, why don't you use boughs instead?

There are nurseries that sell pine boughs for just $5 to $10, maybe a little bit more, but they are not overly expensive.

You can hang the bough on a wall or door and decorate it with red, green and gold ribbons or any ornament you fancy. The holiday season is a great time to release your artistic and crafty side.

Image courtesy: Photography 4 Your Space

Hang Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are always elegant decorations for Christmas.

You can hang these on doors and windows. Looking at these wreaths can bring warmth to the heart. If you can get one made of evergreens - pine or holly branches - then the smell coming from it will be heavenly.

Wreaths are usually decorated with holly berries, fruits, pine cones, colorful bows and almost anything you can come up with.

Traditional Christians commemorate the birth of Christ with the Advent Wreath.

This wreath is made of evergreens like pine, holly and cedar. Evergreens symbolize a lot of things that Christians also associate with Jesus such as everlasting life, victory over suffering and prosecution, healing and strength. The shape of the wreath itself, which is circular, represents the everlasting life found in Christ and the soul's immortality.

Four candles are placed on the Advent Wreath which represent the four seasons of Advent. Each season lasts 1000 years, and as a whole, the seasons sum up the 4000 years that passed from Adam and Eve until the eventual birth of Jesus.

Three of the candles are purple and one is rose. The purple candles represent sacrifices, penance and prayer while the rose candle symbolizes joy.


The History of the Advent Wreath

Tie A Ribbon Or Stick A Bow On Anything!

Tie ribbons on vases, on doorknobs, on window grills, on your pet...

Stick a ribbon on picture frames, on mirrors, on doors, on walls...

Use bright-colored ribbons and adorn almost anything that you can with them and you'll have a festive environment in your small apartment for cheap.

String Christmas Lights

Christmas lights do not take up much room.

You can string Christmas lights around windows and ceiling, around your houseplants, put them decoratively on the wall or hang them from the ceiling.

Image Courtesy: Tama Leaver

Elegant Christmas Candles

Let the Christmas mood dominate your apartment by lighting it with Christmas candles.

You can get candles cheap from the dollar store, they come in a variety of colors that can match your decor. They are also available in different sizes. Putting candles on a mirror (use a cheap mirror as a platter) will really have an amazing effect in any room.

Get candles of different sizes, arrange them in a cluster with the tallest in the middle, tie ribbons around the lowest part of the candles and you have an elegant-looking tabletop Christmas decoration. (Don't let the candles burn down to the ribbon).

There are also scented Christmas candles you can get that emit the scent of pine, apple, cinnamon, those distinctive aromas that remind us of Christmas.

Image Courtesy: SkupiK

Turn Glass Jars Into Festive Christmas Decors

If you have glass jars or transparent flower vases, you can fill these with various colored and different sized small Christmas ornaments, tie ribbons around them and place them on tabletops or on shelves as your Christmas decorations.

You can buy glass jars for cheap from dollar stores as well as tiny Christmas balls to fill them with. This homemade Christmas decorations are cheap yet sophisticated and can add color and sparkle to your home. They can also be given away as gifts.

Take a look at these images for ideas:

Image Courtesy: EAB Designs

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I hope you were able to get some great ideas to decorate your small space these holidays from this lens. If you enjoyed it, please like it. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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