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Decorative Candles

Updated on February 5, 2016

Decorative Candles

There are a couple of ways to approach decorative candles. One, is that you focus on the candle holder itself, which can make almost any candle look great, or you can focus on the candle, which alone can become the decoration.

In this article, we'll look at the candles themselves as a decorative piece, and see some of the fantastic candle creations out there we can use for our décor.

Of course the problem with decorative candles is in many cases you hate to light them, as they stand alone as a great piece of art that fits in with the décor of your room. Even so, there are some that work and look great as a decoration even after they're lit, and in those cases there's something added to the candle if you stop it from burning too low at the right point in time.

So when you consider the endless number of decorative candles you can make, and add to that the props and additional decorative elements you can include, and you could spend a lifetime thinking up different themes and decorative projects to spice up every occasion you're faced with.

Lighthouse Decorative Candle

The first decorative candle with a lighthouse theme is a good example of how nice they can look, and how you can add other elements to extend the theme even further. For example, the shells surrounding the candle. It's not too hard to think of numerous other elements which would make this a great decorative piece for your event.

Lighthouse Candle

Christmas Tree Bulbs Decorative Candles

These decorative candles below representing Christmas tree bulbs look fantastic. Now these are the type of decorative candles that would be hard for me to light in the first place. Still, if you could let them burn a little and allow the dripping to blend in the rest, it could look really nice. That's part of the fun and challenge of decorative candles, you never know whether they'll look even better when they're lit and allow to burn for a while.

Christmas Bulb Candles

Candle of Bear Holding Heart

Any girlfriend or wife would enjoy receiving this fun and romantic candle. Now the question is whether she'll ever decide to to burn that candle or save it through the years. My bet is this one will be around for a long time.

Bear with Heart Candle

Decorative Christmas or Pine Tree Candles

These are very simple but effective pine or Christmas tree candles, which would look great scattered around the house and lit up at the same time to give a great, festive mood of celebration. I think they would really be attractive as the candles melted.

Christmas Tree Candles

Footprints in the Sand Decorative Pillar Candle

This is a wonderful candle with one of the more popular and positive themes: Footprints in the Sand. To me, it would work as a stand alone piece or you could light it and allow the candle to drip and leave its mark down the sides, which I think would look fantastic!

Footprints in the Sand Candle

Uses of Decorative Candles

With there being so many quality looking decorative candles, you can see they could be used as a part of your décor in and of themselves, or you could use them as candles and light them up to experiment with how they would look in a partially burned state. Sometimes it's surprising how the slightly used look can add to how the candle resonates with those seeing it. At that stage you may never want to light it again.


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    • profile image

      Joseph 2 years ago

      I found some very beautiful candles on Youtube.

      Check them out too !

      I love your christmas tree candles, I hope I can find them in different colors online

    • almasi profile image

      almasi 6 years ago

      Thanks for a beautiful hub filled with beautiful candles.

    • profile image

      johnrobert 7 years ago from Georgia

      Wow!, What a candles! These are simply charming. Great effort.