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Deer and Reindeer Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on July 18, 2014

Christmas Wallpapers with Deer and Reindeer in Them

It seems like Santa's affinity for reindeer has made him popular with other deer species, as well as most of the denizens of the forest.

That has resulted in some nice digital art offered in the form of wallpapers to enjoy looking at and admiring on our computer and other screens.

A number of wallpapers show Santa feeding the deer and other animals, a couple of which are included in this article. Santa seems to have the gift of calming wild animals and letting them know they're safe with him.

Other creatures that Santa feeds on the wallpapers are rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, doves and cardinals, among others. He always seems to have some grain, apples carrots for the creatures to feast on.

One of my favorites of the wallpaper images are those that show majestic white tail deer. Powerful bucks are part of the designs, and they sure make for an interesting and compelling wallpaper to get inspiration from.

Wallpaper of Santa Feeding Fawn, Other Animals

This is one of my personal favorites of not only wallpapers with deer in them, but of all Christmas wallpapers in general.

The little fawn is illustrated very well, and the approachability of Santa, along with his relaxed demeanor around the animals make him a favorite of the forest animal kingdom.

No matter how skittish these animals are, that is easily overcome by Santa, who came prepared to feed the hungry critters he know would meet him.

Did you notice the little bird perched on his hat? Very cute.


Majestic Reindeer Prepared for Christmas Eve Duty

We don't get to see a reindeer at close up too much, as usually they are already attached to the sleigh and pulling Santa around to his numerous stops during Christmas Eve deliveries.

This reindeer is ready to tackle the job, with not only that magnificent majestic look he has, including the harness and the rest, but also the decorative pieces on his horns.

He isn't just a show animal, but a combination of strength from his hard work, as well as being made to look great as well.


Santa Feeding Real Reindeer

I thought this was a really cool picture of a man dressed as Santa feeding some real reindeer.

The scene captured is nice, and reflects the overall idea of Santa being a beneficiary to reindeer and animals in general; this time in real life.

An interesting part of this wallpaper of Santa feeding real reindeer is that he is sitting in a sleigh. It's as if he's fattening them up to give them strength for the ride ahead.

This is a nice picture because of the recent soft fall of snow which makes all the fencing, trees and rest look very seasonal and festive.


Santa Coming Upon Big Buck

The sense that Santa and this big buck white tail deer surprised one another as they both were walking through the woods is a terrific wallpaper. You can almost feel the surprise in each of the participants as they gaze in the eyes of one another.

Even though the deer is made to look wary, you can tell he isn't scared, as he simply is making sure who this is and if he's a threat. It's very probably that seeing the rabbit right behind Santa offers the idea that this is someone that can be trusted.

It's an amazing scene, and one that would make a magnificent wallpaper to place on the computer or other screen to enjoy throughout the Christmas and winter season.


Santa Feeding Forest Animals while Deer Watches

We've seen bucks, reindeer and fawns in the wallpaper mix with Santa in this article, and this one with the doe watching Santa feed her fawn and the other forest creatures completes the overall look at deer and Santa.

This is a wonderful depiction of Santa taking some time out to feed the creatures in the forest. It's also instructive to see the doves in the illustration, with the one perched on Santa's sack and the other one flying in to land. That's a really nice image.

Santa holding a lantern says this is either the early evening or morning when he's feeding the woodland animals and birds. It looks like his choice for them is apples and nuts. I wonder if the doves and rabbit are happy about that?

Of course this is about a representative picture which creates a nice atmosphere of the peaceful Santa loving and taking care of the little friends of the forest, just like he takes care of the children and adults with presents on Christmas Eve. Nice image.


Christmas Wallpapers with Deer and Santa

This is a fantastic group of wallpapers featuring deer and Santa in various settings - mostly woodland.

Any one of these would be an inspiring and desirable image to look at during the Christmas and winter season.

Especially nice is the way all of these portray Santa as a friend of animals, as he watches over them like he does his human friends. The first and last wallpaper are the best in that regard, although all of them look great.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I love yr reindeer wallpaper. Can I download them into my handphone? Wonderful hub


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