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Despicable Me 2 Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies - Save the Minions

Updated on January 21, 2015

It's all about the minions!

Despicable me is one of my favourite cartoons as I love dark characters that have a fuzzy heart. I was so excited to see that this animated movie is getting it's sequel. And now it's time to party.

This is a fun theme and I want to share my ideas on how to throw a perfect Despicable me party as well as help you find the best supplies for this one (or create them). There are lots of fun games you can adapt for this theme and I am even sharing some free printables that will hopefully be of use to you.

So let's party with the minions.

Photo Credit: Photos on this page are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Despicable Me 2 Party Supplies

Minions are here!

Finally party supplies for the second movie have arrived and they look adorable! The designs exceeded my expectations by far. While I do like Gru and the girls a lot I really like the fact these supplies are all about the minions - they look way more fun and they are ready to party!

There are two designs you can get - one where they are squeezed close to one another and are having a blast with their party blowers and cupcakes (the pink rabbit cupcake is adorable) and the other where two of them are throwing the third one in the air.

These are just some of the supplies!

9oz Despicable Me Paper Cups, 8ct
9oz Despicable Me Paper Cups, 8ct

Sip your favourite beverage from these nifty cups!

Square Despicable Me Dinner Plates, 8ct
Square Despicable Me Dinner Plates, 8ct

All supplies come with different patterns so there are actually two motives available for plates (and two sizes)

Despicable Me Invitations, 8ct
Despicable Me Invitations, 8ct

What better way to start planing a party than having themed party invitations?


Minnions Centerpiece

Simple to make

I thought about decorations I could make that would be easy, fun an miniony (I made up a word). Balloon minions! A fun idea for a centrepiece or as a decoration. You could make a whole army of them and have them all over the place.

I used yellow balloons in different shapes (I even used water balloons), blue cardstock paper, white paper.

First I blowed the balloons. I cut the blue cardstock paper in strips and secured them with duct tape on the balloons. I draw the googles on the white paper (I used a permanent marker and silver glitter gel pen), cut them out and glued them on the balloon. I draw the finishing touches (mouth and hair) with a permanent marker.

All done.

Can't have a party without balloons!

Yellow Matte Latex Balloons (6)
Yellow Matte Latex Balloons (6)

Yellow ballons will be perfect for this theme (you can even mix in some blue ones). You can make the minions the way I did them or just draw or glue on the goggles.


Despicable Me Cake Ideas

Photo credit: ayca13 via photopin cc

Cake Topper & Cupcake Rings

Despicable Me Beach Party DecoSet Cake Decoration.
Despicable Me Beach Party DecoSet Cake Decoration.

The cake topper for the movie is here! Let the beach party with the minions begin!

Despicable Me Minions Edible Cake Topper Decoration
Despicable Me Minions Edible Cake Topper Decoration

Don't want to mess with the cake too much but still want it to look pretty? Edible cake topper to the rescue!

Despicable Me Minions Cupcake Rings 12 Pack
Despicable Me Minions Cupcake Rings 12 Pack

Official minion cupcake rings! These will look great on cupcakes and kids will be able to keep them!


Despicable Me Cake Pops

A hit at every party

Cake pops might look like a lot of work but they don't have to be. You can make a lot of short cuts if you use Edible Color Markers .

To make simple Despicable Me cake pops you prepare the basic cake pop mix and make the balls (they can be round or oval), dip them in yellow candy melts, dip them in half in blue candy melts and draw in the details with edible food pens. Easy!

You can make the cake pops a day before the party as the candy melt coating will keep them fresh.

Photo credit: FamilySweetery via photopin cc


Rock Painting

Rock painting is a fun activity kids can do. If they paint the rocks at the start of the party you can later use them for various other games such as treasure hunt (minion hunt in this case)

Clean the rocksPaint the rocks yellowDraw the pantsDraw the eveWith permanent marker draw the googles and facial expressions and hairYou can add details on the pants

How To Make Painted Rock Minions

Party Pack


Host the party in Style - Dress Up as Gru or the Minions!

Get into the role

Browse cool Minion costumesCheck Costumes


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      @anonymous: Thanks! I really do enjoy planning (and attending) parties.

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      You have some really great outstanding pages for themed parties! Some of the best that I have seen!

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