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Despicable Me 2 Minions Costumes -Yellow and Purple - For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 18, 2013

Party With the Minions!

Gru and the girls are back and so are the minions! I love these weird walking strange talking yellow creatures with a googly eye or two. There are official minions costumes available but you could also be making your own (I do have a few ideas on how to which I will be sharing).

When I was a kid we had a school play (the Smurfs) and as this was close to Halloween the whole class decided we would be dressed up as Smurfs, as we already had the costumes - it was a pretty awesome group costume, all of us blue (well I was Azriel and we did have a Gargamel also). Can you imagine how cool it would look if the whole class (or a large group of kids) would dress up as Minions? I think they would totally rock!

So let's party with the Minions shall we?

Minion Costumes for Kids - These are great for boys and girls!

The "boys" costume is actually suitable for both genders but I do think the "girls" costume is way nicer looking for girls (scroll down) so if you have a girl go with that one (my humble opinion).

While the boys costume does look more authentic shape wise I am not all that keen on the fact that your head is popping out. The girls costume on the other hand is beyond adorable! Beyond! I love the cute dress and the goggles on the head. To make the look complete I suggest you also get some yellow body paint and paint over all the skin that shows. We'we got ourselves a minion!

Despicable Me Child's Costume, Minion Dave Costume-Toddler(US Size 2 to 4)
Despicable Me Child's Costume, Minion Dave Costume-Toddler(US Size 2 to 4)

What's great about this costume is that it is, how to put it, anatomically correct (if you don't mind your kids head that is). There are two versions of this costume available (two eyed and one eyed)


Minion Costumes for Adult Women and Girls

Girls just wanna have fun!

While you can get the square costume for women and girls too, I much prefer these two. I still think the women's one looks far better than the one for men, I love the skirt and if it wouldn't have a G emblem on it I wouldn't mind wearing it as a regular one.



Evil purple minion costume for kids

Sadly there isn't an official purple minion costume released so you will have to get a bit DIY creative.

My Costume Wigs Boy's Purple Troll Wig (Purple) One Size fits all
My Costume Wigs Boy's Purple Troll Wig (Purple) One Size fits all

Purple troll wig is more than perfect for this look!


Goggles! You can get the official ones that will give your eyes that special miniony look but you could also use the regular round goggles.

Child's Purple Second Skin Suit, Medium
Child's Purple Second Skin Suit, Medium

Purple bodysuit will transform them evil menaces in an instance. You could also use a regular long sleeve sweeter and paint their faces with purple body paint.

Key Industries Childrens Bib Overalls - Stonewash Age 4-18 Denim Dungarees Overa
Key Industries Childrens Bib Overalls - Stonewash Age 4-18 Denim Dungarees Overa

You will need a pair of blue bib overalls - you can find them in pretty much every size both for the gentle gender and the stronger one.


Make your own Minion costume - Creativity gone wild!

Whoever made this one must be a genious. I admit I would have a hard time creating something like this. But I do have an idea on how I would go about this project.

You would need a extra large baloon or a gym ball, lots of large cardboard, newspaper and mod podge.

Pump the ball or blow up the balloon. Wrap the cardboard around it so that you get a tube (ballon or ball on top). Now get mod podge crazy. Cover up the balloon and cardboard with newspaper and mod podge. Let it dry. When it is dry pop the balloon (or deflate the ball). Cut the holes for the hands and the eyes and color your DIY costume.

Photo credit: winkyintheuk via Flickr CC

How I would make the a Minion costume out of cardboard

I made this little graphical presentation to show how I would make a Despicable me Minion.

I would take two big pieces of cardboard (you can your local stores to give you the cardboard as more often than not they have an abundance of it and will only dispose of it anyway). I would cut them out in the shape of the Minions and then color them with acrylic colors (things will get messy).

When they dry I would glue on two straps that would hold the costume on me (shoulder straps).


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    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 3 years ago from Europe

      I do love those minions, they make a great costume idea.

    • Two Crafty Paws profile image

      Two Crafty Paws 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank YOU! You really made an outstanding costume and thank's for sharing how you made it - I am sure a lot of people will appreciate it! =)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      That's our costume you're featuring. Thanks for the compliments. The body is cardboard rolled into a large tube.The head was made with paper, flour and water over a large ballon stuck into the top of the body cylinder as you suggest. We taped over much of the upper half with Duct-tape (used whole large roll), which strengthened and effectively waterproofed it. Halloween was wet here, so that helped. We painted it it with yellow house paint, and the denim is glued on with fabric glue. The goggles and eyes are cardboard and Duct-tape. Pupils are black felt. It did have internal shoulder straps (I think).