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Dia Internacional De Las Madres

Updated on May 2, 2016


In the case of most Latin American nations did the last Sunday in May, which influenced the Dominican case. In our country the party to mothers is more recent and his wife and Ercilia Pepin, educator of Santiago, after the US unemployment started during the government of General Horacio Vásquez in 1926. It has Doña Trina de Moya, as the first to promote the festival.
It was established in 1926 in Santiago de los Caballeros the first Committee Pro-Mother's Day carnation and red for the living mother and a lily or tuberose for deceased mother was established as symbols; all proposed wear red or white depending on the case.
That day it was established officially by law number 370 of 1926; it was declared that the tribute to mothers should be held on the last Sunday of May, as still happens. The first day that solemn feast mothers was 30 May and for this public and school events, parties, group visits to the cemetery and published pamphlets giving the reasons for the tribute organized.



dia de las madres


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