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Dino Dan Party Supplies and Ideas

Updated on April 17, 2013

Plan a Dino Dan Party

Do you have a birthday boy or girl who wants a Dino Dan party? Excellent choice - you'll need some Dino Dan party supplies and decorations.

We've got lots of ideas to make your Dino Dan party go with a raah! Pin the tail on the Corythosaurus anyone?

Dan Henderson sees dinosaurs everywhere, and so will your party guests!

Dino Dan Party Supplies

There don't seem to be any official Dino Dan party supplies available yet, but this range works well for Dino Dan fans.

Dinosaurs Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Dino Dan Party Decorations

Dino Dan Pennant Flags

These Dino Dan printable pennant flags are great for true dinosaur fans. Featuring Stygymoloch, Euoplocephalus, Edmontosaurus and lots more of Dan's favorites. Just like the ones in Dino Dan's Bedroom!

Single Source Party Supplies - 18" Dino Dan Dinosaurs Mylar Foil Balloon

@ Amazon


Dinosaurs Giant Wall Decals

@ Amazon


Dino Dan Balloons on eBay

Dino Dan balloons make great party decorations and party favors.

T-Rex 26" Pinata Party Supplies

@ Amazon


These party games make use of official Dino Dan printables, but provide our own suggestions for turning them into party games.

Pin the tail on the Corythosaurus

Stick a set of Dino Dan dinosaur wall stickers up on a wall (you might want to stick them on a large sheet of paper to protect your wall). Print a second set and pop a loop of sticky tape on the back of these (best done as you are about to play). Give each kid a dinosaur, blindfold them, turn them around and get them to try and stick their dinosaur on its pair. The one who gets closest wins.

Dino Dan Pass the Parcel

Make Dino Dan iron on patches (or stickers) and have one as the prize in each layer of pass the parcel. Make sure everyone gets one. You can make the final prize special by ironing a patch onto a cheap plain T-shirt.

More Dinosaur Party Games

More ideas for dinosaur party games.

Dino Dan Craft Activities

A craft activity is a great way to keep kids occupied at a party. Kids will enjoy these Dino Dan themed craft activities.

Dino Dan Binoculars

Make Dino Dan Binoculars and then go a a dinosaur field trip!

Dino Dan Birthday Field Guide

Take and print some photos of the kids at the birthday party including the birthday boy and girl. Have everyone join in to make a Dino Dan birthday field guide for the birthday boy or girl to keep to remember the party.

More Dinosaur Craft Activities

Lots more easy dinosaur craft activities that can be done at a party.

Watch a Dino Dan Episode

Do you need them to sit down and keep quiet(ish) for a bit? Put on an episode of Dino Dan and keep them happy for a while. The Dino Party episode is a great one to choose!


@ Amazon


Dino Dan Birthday Cake

Here's a great Dino Dan Birthday cake for inspiration.

Dino Dan Recipes

Dino Dan inspired recipes. Dinosaur sandwiches, dino fossil dig, dinosaur cookies and more.

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Lots more dinosaur party food ideas.

We hope you enjoyed

Dino Dan Party Supplies and Ideas

We hope you liked the Dino Dan Party Supplies and Ideas - Comments

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Awww. Cute dino stash! Glad the Ginger one is happy with his dino goodies, plus 10 miuntes peace and quiet for you while he looks through them - bargain! :)xMX

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What a cutie pie! Does he get his red hair from you? Dinos are the best! I still have very fond memories of a cute dinuasor movie from when I was a kid called "Land Before Time."

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great ideas!


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