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Cheap Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 25, 2015

When it comes to throwing birthday parties, “go big or go home” is what I always say! What’s the biggest thing ever? Dinosaurs!

Bring Jurassic Park to your home and party like a dinosaur! Excite your party guests by throwing a party big enough for T-Rex!


One of the first steps to hosting any birthday party is to send out those invitations! Start by making a list of everyone you would like to invite, then move on to selecting the invitations.

Checking websites like Etsy can yield some pretty awesome finds for unique invitation designs. The best parts about going this route for invitations is that you order them to be customized, you get a digital file to make as many prints as you need, and it can be cheaper than store-bought invitations!

For just $12.00, you can personalize this invitation from PinkSkyPrintables. It’s a great deal, if you ask me!



For a dinosaur birthday party, the room should look like a total dino land, no? Not sure what to do? That’s ok, I’m here to give you some awesome ideas!

You need to choose a color scheme and stick to it. Earthy colors such as brown and green work very well for his theme, and should be used in all decorations and supplies needed.

Some decoration ideas:

  • Dinosaur bones: Make fake dinosaur bones with sticks or some old wood, paint them white and brush them with brown and grey to make them look like they’ve been lying around for a while!
  • Dinosaur eggs: Dinosaurs are huge and so are their eggs. Pick up some large balls that are used for outdoor play, and paint some spots on them. They should be nestled neatly in gigantic nests in a corner somewhere.
  • Dinosaurs: Ok, so you can’t exactly hire real dinosaurs, but you can make your own out of posterboard to stick on the wall, or purchase plushies or figurines to have around the room. Don’t forget to have a pterodactyl hanging overhead!


You’re going to be needing a lot of food because kids have the appetite of dinosaurs! What are some good dinosaur treats? Here’s some dinosaur party ideas that will chase away the tummy rumbles!

  • Mini dinosaur eggs: Donut holes are enjoyed by all kids, big and small. Make a nest out of a bowl and fill it with different donut holes to resemble a bunch of little eggs in a dino nest!

  • Dino snackers: Take small, clear cups, put a little ranch dressing in the bottom, then place a variety of veggie slices inside the cup for easy snackin’!

  • Mud pies: Using small bowls, fill each one with chocolate pudding or mousse, crumble oreo cookies or brownies on it, then top it off with a gummy worm!

  • Jurassic juice: Your guests will need something to wash down all the dino treats, so how about a themed drink? Take a green or yellow punch and add a splash of lemon-lime soda for the fizz, and you have made Jurassic juice!


Dinosaurs love playing games, too! What games do you play at a dinosaur birthday party? Fun ones!

Here’s some ideas for games the kids will love:

  • Dino dig: Fill a sandbox or baby pool with sand and all kinds of things for the kids to find. All they will need are a few tools: shovels, rakes, and brushes to brush the dirt off the “fossils.”

  • Pin the tail on T-Rex: Donkeys were not around yet, so in this game, we will use T-Rex! Draw a T-Rex on poster board, minus the tail, and make a bunch of tails that fit. Same game, same rules, different target!

  • Dino egg hunt: If you can't find toy dinosaur eggs, use regular Easter eggs, but draw spots on them with permanent marker. Fill them will all things fun and tasty, hide them, and let the kids loose!



Don't forget about those party favors. For some kids, this is the highlight of the whole party! What do they get to bring home?

  • Dino desserts: Dinosaurs always save room for dessert, and dessert after dessert! You cannot go wrong by wrapping up something delicious such as brownies or cookies!
  • Archaeologist kit: If you prefer to give out something to play with, a cute idea that goes with the theme is putting together little explorer kits, consisting of a compass, magnifying glass, binoculars and a flashlight.
  • Plushosaurus: An easier idea for a smaller budget is to set up a “dinosaur adoption” area that is full of dinosaur stuffed animals, and letting each child pick the one they want to adopt.

However you decide to thank your guests, just be sure to show them some dino love!

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