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Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Updated on April 16, 2013

Lots of dinosaur party food ideas and recipes

Dinosaur Party Food! A dinosaur party needs food fit for hungry T-Rex and Stegosaurus kids. A dinosaur cake makes a great centerpiece. Then you'll need plenty of tasty morsels for the herd to attack.

Parents will thank you if you include some healthy food as well as some treats. And some how a dinosaur theme encourages kids to eat well. My kids have never been more grateful than when I made them bread and butter dinosaurs!

I've included molds and utensils that you can buy as well as ideas for making party food fit with a prehistoric theme.

I'm Mum to two boys who love dinosaurs, they don't see why they have to wait for a birthday, they'd like to eat like this every day.

Ideas and Recipes

You can have a lot of fun with dinosaur party food.

Brachiosaurus sausages for the carnivores - Just regular mini sausages, but you can label them with a dino picture!

Veggie sticks labelled as herbivore food - Carrot and cucumbers stick work well.

Fizzy Orange Volcano Drink - regular fizzy orange soda pop.

Cheese Stegosaurus Spikes Cut cheese into triangles and label as Stegosaurus spikes. You can put them on cocktail sticks and stick them into half a melon to make a Stegosaurus.

How about a Green Jello dinosaur swamp. Just make up the Jello in a bowl then once it's set, mix it up. Simple.

Chocolate Dinosaur Fossils in ice-cream Buy or make chocolate dinosaur shapes and push one into a scoop of ice-cream to make a fossil.

Melon Ball Dinosaur Eyes Use a melon baller to make dinosaur eyes! Drizzle with raspberry sauce for added gore!

Carve a Watermelon T-Rex

This watermelon T-Rex is very cool. Makes a brilliant centerpiece for you prehistoric party and it's healthy too.

Dino Dan Dino Dig Treat

This one is simple and very effective. Made with graham crackers for dirt and meringue bones. Dino Dan fans will love this.

PBS Dinosaur Cookies

These dinosaur cookies are decorated with gel. Simple and brightly colored. Making these is also a fun activity.

Cutters, Molds, Pans

Make dinosaur-shaped party food

There are some simple and effective products available to help make dinosaur party food.

Making dinosaur chocolates also makes a fun activity to do at the party. Pop them in the fridge after making and the kids can eat them before they leave or take them home in their treat bags (you'll want some small bags to pop them in if they do this.)

And shaped cutters will get you a long way. I have the multi-color set below and they are nicely designed and look gorgeous too - you could even put them out on the party table as decorations.

The dino sandwich cutter is a popular idea and will make kids much more likely to eat ordinary sandwiches. You can also use it to shape pizza dough.

Silikomart Silicone Chocolate Dinosaur Mold

@ Amazon


R&M 6-Piece Multicolor Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set

@ Amazon


DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter

@ Amazon



More Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

A few more ideas to help theme a prehistoric feast.

Paper Orchid Dan the Dinosaur Cupcake Wrapper Red, Set of 12
Paper Orchid Dan the Dinosaur Cupcake Wrapper Red, Set of 12

Not just for cakes. You could use them to make savory muffins too.

Hog Wild Dino Sticks Party Set
Hog Wild Dino Sticks Party Set

These are great fun for making ordinary food fit with a prehistoric theme.

Fred PASTASAURUS Pasta Server
Fred PASTASAURUS Pasta Server

Serve food up with this fun pastasaurus. You could use him to serve potato chips or other snack food.

Fossiliced - Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray
Fossiliced - Dinosaur Ice Cube Tray

Ice dinos will help cool things down in the summer. Or you could use them to make prehistoric jelly!


Party Food Bags

Putting food in a bag with a prehistoric design also works well. You can usually find a few different designs to choose from on eBay.

We hope you enjoyed

Dinosaur Party Food

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