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Dinosaur Party Games for Preschoolers and Young Kids

Updated on April 16, 2013

Games for a dinosaur party

Need dinosaur party games for a dinosaur birthday party? We've got some variations on traditional party games and some ideas for dinosaur activities to keep them busy and even make their own party favor to take home. Great for keeping the herd busy and entertained.

You'll also find dinosaur party games to buy and small gifts to use as game accessories and to give as dinosaur party favors.

[Picture: Iguanodon plays Blind Dinosaur's Bluff by DinosaurEgg]

Blind Dinosaur's Bluff

This game is great fun for kids who know their dinosaurs or can quickly learn their names. Get a set of plastic dinosaurs with clear distinguishing features and put them on a table or on the floor with the children gathered round.

Each child takes a turn getting blindfolded and picking a dinosaur (don't forget to mix them up first). If they correctly identify the dinosaur they get a small prize - you might want to let them keep the dinosaur. For little kids make sure everyone gets a prize eventually to avoid upset.

(This is a fun game to play at home even if it's not a party.)

Picture: Can Iguanodon identify a Brachiosaurus from its long neck?

Pin the tail on the dinosaur

Or the horn or claw or tooth!

Pin the tail on the dinosaur is a fun adaptation of a classic party game. You could use a dinosaur poster or wall decal and then cut tails from sticky notes and see who can get the closest.

How about stick the horn on the Triceratops? You can write each child's name on a sticky arrow.

Post-it-TM Arrow Flags, Blue/Green/Orange/Red/Yellow, 20 per Color, 100 per Pack

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Walls of the Wild Triceratops Wall Sticker

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Dino Dig in the Sandbox

Get a set of dinosaur skeletons and bury them in the sandbox. If the weather isn't good enough to be outside you could fill a big box with shredded paper instead. You can run this activity as a free for all or you can have digging for a dino as the prize for another game (make sure every child gets a turn!)

The kids have fun and get a party favor to take home.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Hide small plastic dinosaurs in an egg made from mud or coffee grounds.

You can either do this as an activity and let the kids take their eggs home to hatch. Or you can make the eggs in advance hide them in the garden and let the kids break into the eggs as an activity.

Either way the kids get a party favor to take home.

Nature's Creatures Mini Dinosaurs, 13 Piece Kit

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Make a Dinosaur Egg Pinata

Making a pinata is great fun. it does take a bit of time though and you need to make it far enough ahead so that the glue has time to dry properly.

One of the simplest shapes for a pinata is an egg shape. Decorate it appropriately and you have a dinosaur egg pinata.

This series of videos takes you through making and decorating a dinosaur egg pinata.

Dinosaur Pinatas

And fill it with toys! Always a favourite.

Or buy a ready made dinosaur pinata.

We hope you enjoyed

Dinosaur Party Games

Do you have any more suggestions?

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