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Dinosaur Party Ideas - Raah!

Updated on December 12, 2013

Looking for Dinosaur Party Supplies?

Planning a dinosaur party for a boy or girl? A Dinosaur Train or Dino Dan fan? Excellent! We love dinosaurs. We've got some great dinosaur party supplies and ideas. Start with dinosaur party invites, create a prehistoric atmosphere, feed the herbivores and carnivores, play some dinosaur party games and finish with a dinosaur party bag.

We've got special pages for Dino Dan Party Supplies and Dinosaur Train Party Supplies. We'll make your dinosaur party go off with a Raah!

[Picture: Iguanodon enjoys his birthday party by DinosaurEgg]

Updated 18 Mar 2011

Prehistoric Dino Party Supplies Ultimate Party Kit

Save time with a party pack

If you're in a hurry, then we recommend this Ultimate Dinosaur Party Kit. It includes decorations, table settings, a T-Rex pinata plus contents, party favors with bags and even the invitations (full details below). Everything matches and you save a lot of time. Enough for up to 16 children (or to have a few spare for brothers and sisters who might show up unexpectedly!).

Prehistoric Dino Party Supplies Ultimate Party Kit for 16 with Party Favors

@ Amazon


Packs, Kits and Sets

Plates, cups, forks, spoons, tablecovers, napkins

These dinosaur party supplies packs are a great idea. Much quicker to get everything in one package and you usually save money over buying the items separately.

Dinosaurs Standard Party Pack for 16 Party Supplies

@ Amazon


Dinosaur ROARR! Birthday Party Supplies Mini Package (Meri Meri)

@ Amazon


Dinosaur Basic Party Pack

@ Amazon


Poll: Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl

We know that lots of boys love dinosaurs. But lots of girls are fascinated with them too. Tiny the Pteranodon from Dinosaur Train is a particular favorite with young girls. And Alicia from the Diego TV Series is a dinosaur expert.

Is the party for a birthday boy or a birthday girl?

See results

Dinosaur Balloons - Foil and Latex - with T-Rex and his Dino Friends

We love the shaped foil dinosaur balloons, very cool! You can give those to the birthday boy or girl as a gift and use them as a party decoration. And latex balloons are just so much fun. Throw a few balloons into a room and kids are having fun within seconds. They make great party favors too. Yep, dinosaur balloons, we like them :-).

Dinosaurs 26in Balloon

@ Amazon


Inflatables, Standees and Displays - Make a big impact

Right, let's turn that room or hall into a prehistoric environment! We have a big inflatable T-Rex which is always a hit with kids. Inflatable dinosaurs are a cheap and brilliant way to leave people in no doubt that this is a dinosaur party!

Orange Roar Acrylic Cut Out by PaulStickland
How about a great big orange dinosaur cut-out (these are expensive but very impressive)?

Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs ( 6 count)
Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs ( 6 count)

Great for decoration and a bit of silly fun.


Make Dinosaur Party Decorations

We like to go for a mix of bought decorations and ones that we make.

How about making dinosaur footprints to put on the floor.

Birthday Banners - Choose a dino birthday banner

Right, let's get some dino decorations up.

Plan a Dino Dig Party Activity

With Dinosaur Fossils!

A Dino Dig is a very popular activity at a dinosaur party. The kids get to pretend to be paleontologists and uncover prehistoric dinosaur bones - can they identify the dinosaur they've found?

This classroom set makes for a wonderful, realistic dino dig:

Educational Insights GeoSafari Classroom Dinosaur Dig

@ Amazon


There are 30 fossils to find and they can be assembled into a big T-Rex skeleton! The kit includes stakes and grid tape - just like a real paleontology excavation! The kit is reusable so you can use it after the party too.

Manufacturer's Description: "Uncover a fantastic learning activity for your students - one they will remember for years to come. This kit includes everything you need to create a realistic T. rex dig in your own school yard or sandbox. Junior paleontologists will LOVE excavating and piecing together, a huge, super-realistic Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Includes T. rex skeleton in 30 snap-together parts, rock-like base with 6 plant fossils, herbivorous dinosaur jawbone fragment, support rods, 8 trowels, 4 brushes, 16 stakes, 200 feet (60 m) of grid tape, 2 full-color posters, plus a 20-page guide with step-by-step directions, lesson plans, and reproducibles. Dig up some serious fun."

For a less impressive, but still fun option, you can do a dino dig with ordinary plastic dinosaurs. These dinosaur skeletons are even better! This set includes 12 dinosaur skeletons of various species.

12 Pc Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures - Toys 5-6" Larger Size Dinosaurs

@ Amazon


If the weather is good enough then a dino dig outdoors in the sandbox. Depending on the number and age of the party guests and the size of your sandbox you may want to stage this activity so a few children at a time get to dig.

If the weather isn't good enough to be outside you could stage an indoor dino dig. If you've got the space and are happy to clear up then you could risk in indoor dino dig with sand. Otherwise packing peanuts could be an indoor substitute. The kids will still have fun.

Crazy Dinosaur Trophy

A unique talking point for your party!

And we can't resist sharing this crazy dinosaur trophy:

Veyr Useful Video - Volcano cake and Dinosaur Party Favors

This is a great video showing you how to make an awesome dinosaur cake and dinosaur fossil party favors. Very nicely done.

We hope you enjoyed

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Thanks for visiting. Let us know you dropped by.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love the pic of the Iguanodon playing Blind Dinosaur's Bluff :)

    • profile image

      Runnn 6 years ago

      The dino-theme is fun and unique too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 6 years ago

      Wonderful party lens! I have featured on my Kid's Birthday Party Club blog today. :)

    • Missmerfaery444 profile image

      Missmerfaery444 6 years ago

      Oh my goodness, I want this party! Being a total dinosaur geek lol. Super lens on throwing a dinosaur party. Blessed and featured on Blessings from the Birthdays Angel! Also lensrolling to How to Make a Sandwichosaurus, love your dino party food :)

    • natas105 profile image

      natas105 6 years ago

      nice lens! Thank you for all your ideas. I would love it if you would check out my lens about cool boys birthday cakes. I tshows how to airbrush a dinosour cake. very cool.

    • JeanJohnson LM profile image

      JeanJohnson LM 6 years ago

      I liked all the party supplies that you found. I would want to just throw a party for boys and girls, we all love dinosaurs :) thanks

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Very cool party lens, Blessed by your neighborhood Squid Angel.

    • photofk3 profile image

      photofk3 7 years ago

      Throwing a dinosaur party is a great idea for little kids, especially for boys.