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Dinosaur Party Supplies

Updated on April 17, 2013

For a quick and easy prehistoric celebration

Looking for dinosaur party supplies? This collection makes it easy to put together a brilliant themed event quickly. We've included some very cool dinosaur party supplies kits that include everything you need to create a decorated room and table and a prehistoric atmosphere!

I have also covered activities that will make young dinosaur fans very happy. And the all important birthday cake. And of course, party favors for the guests. On this page I have focused on making it straightforward to find what you need for a great event - perfect for busy Moms and Dads.

We hope you have a wonderful prehistoric party!


Create a prehistoric atmosphere

T-Rex Kits


Kids will love these T-Rex Party Supplies. Tyrannosaurus is the star of the show here, showing all his teeth. Other species feature in the range too, but T-Rex is the main character. My son, and many other children, think T-Rex is the best of all.

These kits are great. They are convenient to buy - you don't have to worry about whether you've included everything and whether all the individual items are in stock. And buying as a kit is much cheaper than buying separate pieces.

Dino Blast Kit

Brightly Colored Kit

These brightly colored kits are brilliant value for money. You get everything you need to set the table for 8 children and decorate the room. And the deluxe kit adds extras for a really impressive prehistoric party.

Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

Cute Design for Little Kids

A dinosaur party is great for really little kids but you'll probably want to choose a cute dino theme like this one for infants and toddlers so none of your guests get scared.

Little Dino Deluxe Party Kit


Keep them busy!

Triceratops Pinata With Pull String Kit

Have the kids pretend to be a crowd of hungry carnivores and let them at this Triceratops pinata!And fill it up with a big bag of triceratops innards (well pinata filler candy :-)

Dinosaur Fossil Dozen

This fossil kit includes everything you need to for 12 kids to each excavate their own dino skeleton.

You'll keep the party guests happy for ages with this dino dig party activity and they get a party favor to take home with them too. If the party is for little kids make sure you've got some adults on hand to help out and speed things up if necessary.


The cake is very important :-)

Cakes and Cupcakes

Cakes are a very important aspect of a kids birthday party. Children often remember their birthday cakes for years to come. And cupcakes are very popular with party guests!

Dinosaur Deco Cake Kit

A quick and effective kit for decorating a birthday cake. The set includes two big dinosaurs. We think this set is great value.

Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers Pkg/12

These cupcake toppers are a great quick and easy way to turn regular cupcakes into dinosaur cupcakes! This set includes 12 cupcake toppers which can also be used with other foods too. Ice-cream? Bagels? Sausages? What else can you think of?

More cake ideas:

Favor Bags

Time to go home already!

Dinosaur Favor Pack Each

A prefilled party bag makes things a little easier. We love the dinosaur crayons, very cool! And we've had these gliders - great fun.

More Ideas

And here are a few more fun ideas that will help your party go with a raaaah!

Dinosaur Party Supplies on eBay - Can you find a bargain?

It's always worth looking on eBay for packs of favors and other supplies.

We hope you enjoyed

Dinosaur Party Supplies

We hope you liked the dinosaur party supplies - Comments

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      lasertek lm 6 years ago

      I have been to a couple of children's party with a dinosaur theme. Most of the party supplies have Jurassic Park images and for some time it has become boring. Good to see new dinosaur themed party supplies.