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Discover With Dr. Cool

Updated on November 9, 2013

Science Kits for the Next Generation!

Personally, one of the coolest things about Dr. Cool is the ability to share the science with the grandkids.

Dr. Cool creates award-winning science kits so that children can discover the "cooler" side to science. Each kit invites a hands-on learning experience about our natural world!

While raising six boys there was always plenty of science in the works at our home. With six grandsons and three grand-daughters the tradition continues. I can't wait to share four new kits with the next generation!

Discover Amber Science Kit

Young scientists discover how amber is made as they polish real amber artifacts.

Discover with Dr. Cool Discover Amber Science Kit
Discover with Dr. Cool Discover Amber Science Kit

Pairing paleontology with creepy crawlies makes this kit a winner!

Through hands-on activity children learn all about how resin is formed when the bark of a tree is injured and what happens to insects after they get stuck in the sticky sap. The science kit includes everything required to polish the amber and reveal what creatures are stuck within.

The Discover Amber science Kit has received the 2012 Product of the Year from Informal Education Products and the 2012 Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center

As a bonus, each kit comes with an amber keychain complete with a real scorpion within the amber. How cool is that?


Ocean Fossil Dig Kit

Dr. Cool's Ocean Fossil Dig Kit invites kids to excavate a genuine ocean fossil!

Ocean Dig Science Kit – Dig Up and Collect 3 Real Marine Fossils!
Ocean Dig Science Kit – Dig Up and Collect 3 Real Marine Fossils!

The Ocean Fossil Dig Kit includes a digging block, excavation tools, an adventure guide, an activity booklet, and three authentic specimens contained within the ammonite specimen.

This is a good science kit for children's introduction to paleontology. The polished ammonite, clam fossil, and gastropod are millions of years old! Before starting the task of excavation it will be helpful to consult the teacher-written adventure guide. Following their palentology adventure kids can test their knowledge through games and puzzles in the activity booklet.

Dr. Cool's Ocean Fossil Dig Kit has received The 2012 Seal of Excellence and the 2012 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine.

I'm putting this kit aside for my "middle" grandson who is finally old enjoy the science of paleontology. His older brother has shown great interest in the subject for years. This kit will be a perfect activity for the boys to enjoy together.


Break Open Real Geodes Science Kit

Kids can be earth detectives in a quest to reveal the geodes inner crystals!

Discover with Dr. Cool Explorer Geode Science Kit, Set of 6
Discover with Dr. Cool Explorer Geode Science Kit, Set of 6

Geodes may look like ordinary rocks on the outside; on the inside it's a different story!

Geodes are rocks which over millions of years, develop crystals in the center. The Break Open Real Crystal Geodes kit teaches kids the science behind geodes as they learn how to crack open the six geodes included with the kit.

Six geodes are included in the kit to allow kids the opportunity to explore a mix of crystals forms. They will not know which are concealed in their specimens until they crack the geodes open. Some possibilities include calcite, quartz, fluorite, or amethyst.

This is a a good kit for young rock hounds who have recently begun an interest in rocks and minerals. The Adventure Guide provides the answers to how and why, when studying rocks, it is important to look inside and out!

My grandson and I took a hammer and chisel to our geodes recently. Most were very hard and took time to create a crack and work the geode open. My ten-year-old grandson wasn't disappointed when the geode separated and revealed the glimmering center. We did discover that it was easier to crack open using the sock method, as explained in the Adventure Guide. I would suggest that all prospecting take place in the basement or garage, and under supervision.

Safety glasses are included.

Break Open Real Geodes Science Kit was won the 2011 Product of the Year from Creative Child Magazine.


Glowrocks Fluorescent Mineral Science Kit

My 10-year-old grandson enjoyed the Break Open Real Geodes science kit so much that he was eager to get started with the Glowrocks Fluorescent Mineral Science Kit.

Discover with Dr. Cool Glow Rocks: The Fluorescent Mineral Experiment Kit!
Discover with Dr. Cool Glow Rocks: The Fluorescent Mineral Experiment Kit!

While I fetched the four double "A" batteries for the kit's portable UV lamp my grandson read the Adventure Guide aloud. He had the six mineral specimens ready to go as I put the batteries into the lamp.

We enjoyed all of the activities suggested in the Adventure Guide. The coolest moment was as he illuminated his arm under the UV lamp. His arms were speckled with fluorescent specks.

"I know why," he told me, "the specks are dust and sand from the geode crystal kit," and that was the beginning as he checked out mostly anything he could get his hands on!

The Glowrocks Fluorescent Mineral Science Kit was awarded the 2011 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, 2011 Seal of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine, and 2011 Dr. Toy Best Picks Award.

This kit really inspired an interest in earth science and rock hounding.



Media resources and images courtesy of Discover with Dr. Cool.


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