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Cheshire Cat Costume

Updated on February 28, 2020

Two Costume Looks for the Cheshire Cat

Lewis Carroll's story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland introduced the world to the Cheshire Cat. Disney took Carroll's character and visualized it to film audiences. The pink and purple cat from Disney's animated filmed Alice in Wonderland is how most people would describe how the philosophizing cat appeared.

In 2010 Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland came out and challenged this depiction of the Cheshire Cat Costume. No more was he a delightfully purple and pink striped feline; instead, he had grey fur with blue highlights that seemed to match his eyes. His grin became more menacing that mysterious with the sharp individual teeth shown when the cat smile. Costumes inspired by Tim Burton's film standout against the cute animated inspired ones.

So when it comes to choosing a Cheshire Cat costume you need to decide whether you want you costume to be menacing or cute. Will you choose to where bright stripes or a greyish hue? Afterwards you will need to decide what costume tools to use to get the look you want. Will you utilize face paint, your sewing machine or find a costume at your local costume shop.

Go Pink and Purple to Create the Cheshire Cat Look

Alice in Wonderland's magical smiling cat has purple and pink fur. To become the Cheshire Cat you will need to come up with clothes featuring the colors. A striped pink and purple outfit will help create the look fast, but if you do not have with the stripped pattern in your wardrobe you can stick with paring pink and purple clothes together.

Do you have a pink shirt and a purple skirt? Try paring the two pieces of clothing together. You can add a purple necklace or scarf to the outfit, a pair of pink socks or purple shoes to the outfit. This will help create the colorful look you need for the cat.

You could even try a pink skirt with a purple belt to get the look. There are many things you could use to create your costume base. You could even make a striped costume out of duct tape if you have the time.

Inexpensive Ways to Find Costume Basics

  • utilize clothes in your own closet
  • check out second hand shops for items that might work
  • duct tape out a costume
  • borrow clothes from friends' and family

Use Make-up to Become the Mischievous Cat

Cheshire Cat Costume - Go Animated

reproduced under a CC BY.2.0 license
reproduced under a CC BY.2.0 license | Source

Animated Costume Checklist

  1. Purple and Pink Stripes - Cats fur from head to toe.
  2. Cat ears and tail - The Cheshire Cat has a big bushy tail.
  3. Mischievous grin - A huge grin is a signature trademark of the talking cat.
  4. Cats Have Paws - You will want to be sure to cover you hands to give your costume more authenticity.

Reproduced under a CC BY-SA license
Reproduced under a CC BY-SA license | Source

Cheshire Costume Choices

Do you like Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat or Disney's animated version?

See results

Make-up to Ideas for the Mischievous Cat

The Grinning Cat

Reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 license
Reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 license | Source

Cheshire Makeup Tricks

The above video showcases an inspired Wonderland cat makeover which focuses on fake eye lashes and colorful eye make up that gives a whimsical look.

If you go the makeup route with your Cheshire Cat costume you take on a more realistic look of the animated cat. Face paint works great to carve out the cats huge grin. You need to exaggerate your smile by outlining a huge smile. Your lips will be blended into to your drawn mouth. You will add vertical lines on the face to create the appearance of a huge toothy grin.

For a tutorial on how to get a cartoon Cheshire face paint look check out this youtube video.

If you do not want to wear a full face of make up you can draw out a mini mask that just surrounds the nose and eyes. There is a beautiful Cheshire Cat makeup mask on pinterest. For more face paint looks you can do an image search on google.

Cheshire Cat Make-Up Tutorial - Create a fabulous Alice in Wonderland Inspired Look

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