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Disney Junior Sheriff Callie's Wild West Merchandise Toys and Clothes

Updated on March 18, 2015

Sheriff Callie's Wild West Gift Ideas

Sheriff Callie's Wild West merchandise, toys and clothes will be slowly hitting the market soon, but much to the fustration of parents official items such as plushes, t-shirts and even party supplies are currently not available right now. This page aims to help parents to find items suitable for sheriff Callie fans to enjoy. It will be regularly updated as new Sheriff Callie products hit stores.

Disney Juniors Sheriff Callie's Wild West has been a rearing success, the animated show built around a western theme, aims to teach preschoolers about the importance of being a good community member while also introducing them to interesting traditions of the wild west.

A little about Sheriff Callie and Nice and Friendly Corners

Sheriff Callie is a Calico cat in charge of taking care of Nice and Friendly corners. A town inhabitated by many animal citizens. Callie has a magic lasso which she uses in many situations to save the day. It can take the form of lots of different shapes depending on what the Sheriff needs to use it for and she also has a horse named Sparky.

Sheriff Callie's aim is to help her town uphold their name as being the nicest and friendliest town in all the west. She usually does this by helping the folks in the town solve problems and put aside their differences during times when they can't get along with each other.

She has two main helpers one of which is Deputy Peck a woodpecker who is second in command after the Sheriff and Toby a friendly Cactus.

Some of the other characters include:

*Ella Cowbelle - the owner of the town saloon known for serving the tastiest frosty milkshakes in the whole of the wild west.

*Uncle Bun - a rabbit that runs the general store.

*Prescilla - a Skunk that likes to look pretty and loves makeup.

*Dirty Dan - a boar that enjoys mining.

The main themes present in the show fall into:

*Helping your neighbour when they are in need

*Getting along with each other

*Being a good member of the community

All of this is done with a wild west twist so it's not unusual to hear phrases like "Pain in the boots" and the Sheriff's favorite "Sweet sassafras" while watching the show. There is also Alvin and the Chipmunk style musical interludes performed by the Prairie Dogs (3 chipmunks) - who pop up and sing catchy songs mostly when a situation occurs.

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Sheriff Callie's wild west episodes

If Sheriff Callie's Wild west is not available in your region you can still watch and own the episodes. They are availale as downloads to have and watch anytime you want on your device. This is particularly great if your child has one episode that they really love which they might want to watch more than once.

Sheriff Callie Printables and Games

Here are a few printables for your little one to enjoy... Disney junior have provided a few printables fans will love.

Sheriff Callie Birthday Party Theme

A great way to celebrate their birthday in style would be to throw them a Sheriff Callie themed birthday party. Yes supplies are still limited at the moment, just like everything else but it is still possible to create a lovely party for your child that will be lots of fun just like the show. Here are a few Ideas:

*Use pink, brown and blue as the main colors of your theme as it suits Sheriff Callie and the cowgirl theme. Balloons and streamers are great in these colors

*Use Sheriff Callie edible cake images to decorate your cake - it's a simple way to ensure your cake looks good without too much hassle.

*Serve foods like popcorn - Toby's fave, milkshake - Ella Cowbelle serves these at her saloon and trail mix - Deputy Pecks favorites

*Cowboy hats and sheriff badges would make great favors to send guests home with.

*A game of horse shoes would be a fun western activity to include in your party.

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