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Disney Planes Birthday Party (Ideas and Supplies)

Updated on August 3, 2013

Airplanes and Planes, oh what fun!

We had (and will have) Disney's Cars and now we are getting Planes (wonder if they will do Trains next). Disneys animated movies always make a great theme for a birthday party so why should Planes be any different. I can just see this being a very popular theme amongst boys (as were cars).

What's great about these theme is that it is super easy to set and there are many, many things you can do to have a blast at this party! So many game and activity ideas, the decorations can be very budget friendly and more.

On this page I am sharing my ideas on how to plan the perfect Planes birthday party, which supplies you could use, what games I think would be fun for this theme and many, many more. You will also find some freebies you can print at home (we all love them, don't we?).

Disney's Planes Party Invitation - The official freebie

I love it when I can start with sharing something for free. Disney has been quite generous with their freebies lately. You can find a free (and high quality at that) invite for pretty much every animated movie they have released in the past few years, as well as other cool printables (don't worry I will link to them too).

These invites come as a PDF file (two invites on one page) and you can fill the info by hand or on computer if you have some basic skills with photo editing software, in both case they will look fun.

I would suggest you send them out in red or blue envelopes.

Figurines set - All your favourite characters

There's only a handful of official goodies released at the moment and I think this play set is the most useful one as far as party planning goes. These could be used as party favors or as cake toppers, well unless you will be making an airplane shaped cake (which I think would be super cool!)

Disney Planes Figure Play Set - Propwash Junction with Dusty - Skipper - Leadbottom - Chug - Dottie - Sparky
Disney Planes Figure Play Set - Propwash Junction with Dusty - Skipper - Leadbottom - Chug - Dottie - Sparky

Dusty, Skipper, Leadbottom, Chug, Dottie and Sparky - what would the planes do without their support crew?


I love these cupcake toppers - And yes, they too are free!

Another Disney freebie! If you have a quality printer at home (or near you) you can download and print these cupcake toppers. They do need some cutting skills (not much) and some assembly as you will have to glue them to the toothpicks.

These feature all of the main characters from the animated movie.

As for the cupcakes? Go with your favourite, well your kids favourite. I think red velvet with blue butter cream would look pretty great but only sky is the limit when it comes to tastes and colors (pink looks pretty sweet doesn't it?)

Airplane Cake Pan - A plane shape cake pan will do wonders

While I do not have experience with this exact pan, I do have confidence in Wilton pans. The ones I did use in the past always worked great. All of their pans come with baking instructions (as their shapes make the cakes bake longer or shorter) as well as decorating ideas and tips that will make your joy a lot easier.

Wilton Aluminum Airplane Cake Pan
Wilton Aluminum Airplane Cake Pan

I think this one would work great for this theme, true it is not a Planes official product but with little imagination you can decorate it to match the characters. You can even make more cakes = more fun (ok and more work for you).


Disney Planes Party Supplies

Disney Planes 7 Inch Plates [8 Per Pack]
Disney Planes 7 Inch Plates [8 Per Pack]

Party plates to serve the delicious foods you will make..

Disney Planes 9 oz Paper Cups [8 Per Pack]
Disney Planes 9 oz Paper Cups [8 Per Pack]

..and paper cups to serve those refreshing drinks.

Decopac Planes Dusty and Friends DecoSet Cake Topper
Decopac Planes Dusty and Friends DecoSet Cake Topper

A cake topper will turn any ordinary cake into a fun looking Planes cake.


Planes Party Supplies

Currently no official supplies

While nothing can beat official (and there are so many freebies around you actually don't need to buy other party supplies) you could also use other airplane themed party supplies.

Here is my favourite theme.

Get Party Supplies

Game Ideas and Activities

Keep the kids busy!

Cardboard Airplane Photo Prop

Depending on the age of your guests you can make the planes out of cardboard before the party or at the party if they are skilled enough. You can make big planes that will seat more than one kid at a time (they will love the pretend play) or you can have them fly solo, either way it will be fun. Check out the photo prop tutorial to get some inspirations.

Paper Planes - When kids make them they can race with them

No need to explain this one too much as I guess we all made them when we were kids (and grown ups). There are many different ways to make one, so you can show the kids many variations depending on their age. Be sure to use colorful paper!

Have each kid make their own model (or more). Let them paint them with different racing colors and have them compete with each other on whose plane will fly the furthest or the longest. We loved to do that when we were kids, we would make all kinds of improvements on our models, cut the flaps, reinforce the tip, change the shape of the wings. It was super fun.

Pin the Proppeller on the nose

You probably know all about pin the tail on the donkey. Well this is a variation on that popular game.

Can't have a party without a pinata!

Airplane Pinata
Airplane Pinata

I love making my own pinatas but the ones in the stores are lovely too. Be sure to fill them with all kinds of goodies!


Planes Coloring Pages and Activity Book - Perfect at the party or as a favor

Yes, yes, yes more freebies! Gotta love Disney!

The coloring pages will be fun to color at the party and the activity book will make the perfect keepsake as a favor.

Coloring pages

Activity book

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