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Disney Planes Costumes

Updated on September 23, 2014

Disney Planes Costumes For Halloween

Planes the movie is likely to be as popular as Cars was and kids are going to want to dress up in their favorite Disney Plane costume. You can use dress your little boy up in this cute Dusty Plane costume shown on the left on Halloween.

There's still a while to go until Halloween so there are are only a few official costumes available so far. You could choose from these or you could make your own costumes for the kids, or could adapt other available costumes for the desired effect.

I also believe that as we get closer to Halloween, there will be even more Disney Planes costumes available. I think a Dusty Plane costume would be really popular and girls might be taken with an Ishani Planes costume. I'm most looking forward to the Fighter Plane costumes such as Brave and Echo.

Keep checking back because as soon as more costumes are available I will add them here.

Dusty Plane Costume or El Cupacabra Costume? - You Decide

So far, Disney have released 2 of the Disney Planes costumes so kids can be their favorite characters.

Disney have made it easy for kids to dress up like the airplane crew for a particular plane. I can see where they are coming from. The kids will get a chance to look like the guys in the pit at a formula one race, but for airplanes instead of cars.

So far I've only been able to find the following 2 Planes characters.

Disguise Boy's Disney's Planes Dusty Crophopper Costume, 3T-4T
Disguise Boy's Disney's Planes Dusty Crophopper Costume, 3T-4T

You are clearly team Dusty with this costume on!

Disguise Boy's Disney's Planes El Chu Costume, 4-6
Disguise Boy's Disney's Planes El Chu Costume, 4-6

Oh do you prefer the Love Plane? Clearly you do if you choose this El Cupacabra costume.


Make Your Own Disney Planes Costume at Home

If you want to make a really simple costume for Halloween, but the kids wanna be planes, then you could make this one with a cardboard box and some accessories.

If you paint the box in the same colors of whichever Disney Planes characters they want to go as then you're all set!

And the other kids are loving this costume so much that they are helping him fly by turning his propeller.

Boy in a Plane Costume

This boy is having a lot of fun dressed up as a plane for Halloween.

Planes Costume Poll

Do you think boys will prefer to wear the Disney costumes above or go as actual planes?

See results

This Boy is Loving Being a Fighter Plane

This little boy is loving his costume that transforms into a jet plane. And who can blame him, it looks awesome!

Although his is blue you could decorate your plane in the colors of the planes from the movie.

It's really not as hard as it looks but it will take some preparation and you'll probably wanna start this one at least a few days before Halloween so you can get the right size boxes for your child.

Even Girls Can be Planes on Halloween

Check this girl out! She's wearing a plane as a costume. She's able to move around easily enough and then when she wants to be the plane she just releases the right parts and becomes a plane.

And you could adjust this and make it look more like Bravo and Echo the Fighter Planes From the movie.

Planes Costume Theme For the Whole Family

While the kids are dressed as planes, mum and dad don't have to miss out. They can join in on the fun and dress as ground crew. They can help direct the baby planes around the airport (neighborhood) as they gather more fuel (candy) and then return back to base (home).

And it's not an expensive costume either and can be put together fairly easily. In fact, you might already have a number of these items already, I know I have all of these.

Just pair the extra accessories with black clothing such as a black t-shirt, jumper of bomber jacket and a pair of black trousers.

And you'll have a great excuse for taking pictures as you can say technical terms like you are checking the structural integrity of the airplane. There are so many ways to make this theme fun for everyone.

You'll have those planes round the neighborhood in no time!

iMicro SP-IM942 Headset with Microphone
iMicro SP-IM942 Headset with Microphone

This headset is perfect for ground crew. They always wear headsets like this that are colorful and tend to be either green or yellow.

Then you can use your headset later on your computer or on Skype, so will continue to have value and this one is of great value.

If you already have a headset with a microphone, then just get some green or yellow stickers and decorate your headset.

Global GLO-EB1 FrogWear Polyurethane Class3 3M Scotchlite Reflective 3X-Large
Global GLO-EB1 FrogWear Polyurethane Class3 3M Scotchlite Reflective 3X-Large

Here's that excuse you've needed to buy the reflective bomber jacket with all that padding to keep you warm.

Neiko 53941A High Visibility Safety Vest, ANSI/ ISEA Standard | Color Neon Yellow | Size L
Neiko 53941A High Visibility Safety Vest, ANSI/ ISEA Standard | Color Neon Yellow | Size L

Or you could get this cheaper alternative that can go over the pieces of clothing suggested above.

Can then be recycled and worn while cycling on the road or running at night.


Planes Movie Trailers

Will You Make Your Own Disney Planes Halloween Costume or Wait to Buy Them?

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      @anonymous: Yeah I think little boys are gonna love this one!

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      Probably buy one. My son would love it!