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Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree-The Wonderful World Of Disney

Updated on October 31, 2016

Christmas In My Home

I am one of those people who never has enough Christmas Decor. I love to decorate for the holidays and there are few areas of my home that go untouched. I like to create the little scene with my tabletop decor. I have a cute Hummel nativity set up, a Christmas Village, a traditional manger, and each of these decorations finds a new place to display each year. I like to switch them around the house and create themes for each room of my house.

I really enjoy the creativity of adding to the displays with snow, ribbons, glitter and other trims. I even made several different table top runners to go with some of my displays. Some are quilted and others are tapestry type fabrics and they really lend and elegant touch to the decorating. I come from a family where Christmas decorating was a tradition and have carried it on with my own family.

I like to center my designs around a color or a specific theme. Then I worked my way from there and add to the collection each year. This year my theme for the living room is based on color. I am going to use blue, silver and white and have already begun collecting new items since it is easiest to find the thing I want early before they are all picked over. I suggest you do the same.

My home is decorated in a coastal theme year long so I like to add new things that are beach theme or color coordinated to my home decor. If you are trying to find a new theme for this holiday season I suggest you take a look at some of the new items available for this Christmas season.

The Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree

Action Decorating

My family loves the action and the music of this wonderful Disney tabletop tree. The tinkle of the melody and the motion of the characters are always talked about by them. The children especially enjoy standing and watching the motion and are usually mesmerized and watch my tree perform its magic.

One of my granddaughters wants this tree when she grows up and has a family of her own. She says her children when she has them will love to watch the tree as it spins on "her" table. She is already planning for me to give it to her when she is grown.

Personally, I enjoy sitting with the lights out daydreaming about the many Christmas' I spent watching my mother's holiday decorations spin. I used to ask her if we could turn out the light and just look at them. It gave me such a warm feeling I continue the tradition to this day. Sometimes my husband and I sit together at night and discuss our childhood memories of our past holiday experiences.

Wow! So Pretty

Tabletop Decorations

Disney comes to life in the tabletop centerpiece. This year they have done it again. More beautiful Christmas tabletop display decorations. They are done in the Disney style with beautiful and elegant details. These displays will become heirlooms passed down through the generations.

I can remember as a child my mother's collection of Christmas displays. She would carefully place them around the house for everyone to enjoy. Our Company was always amazed at the way she would accessorize our home by adding special little touches to each motif. She would place some of them on snow mats, while others were placed into larger displays.

I like to follow these traditions with my family. I like to add new elements to my decoration each year. I sort through my collection and try to create a new theme each year. Sometimes it's a color and other times I choose an actual theme. One year I used coastal as my theme and choose my decorations and displayed them in themes of blues and purples. Another year I decided to use a traditional theme of red and green. It is just a matter of accents, I used my usual decorations with added placemats, snow, tinsel, and ribbons. It is amazing how beautiful they turn out once you choose a special theme.

Merr Christmas

How many tabletop Christmas decoration do you have?

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The Latest Disney Tree

Watch It in Action

Do you like to decorate for Christmas?

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