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Disney Christmas Stockings

Updated on April 6, 2016

Christmas Stockings from Disney

When we think of our childhood, and many times beyond that period of time, there's not one of us that haven't, at one time or another, been enchanted by Disney and its many characters. So it's no surprise that a number of Disney Christmas stockings are available with many of our favorite Disney characters on them - both old and new.

Everything from Cinderella and Snow White to Buzz Lightyear and McQueen from Cars are available, and all of the are fantastic to look at.

Even High School Musical is represented, and what teens wouldn't want to have their Christmas stocking have the characters from that highly popular show on their stockings? Or for those who grown up watching the Disney franchise who have now grown up but want a remembrance from their childhood.

Either way, whether you're old or young, a Disney Christmas stocking is out there with your favorite Disney characters on them to enjoy on Christmas day.

Christmas Stocking with Cinderella

We'll start off our look at Disney Christmas stockings with one of the more familiar and long-lasting characters from Disney: Cinderella. She looks as enchanting on the stocking has she has throughout her history as Disney, and would delight all those who are fans of Disney and their royal characters.

Cinderella Christmas Stocking

Disney Princess Christmas Stockings

Disney Princesses are among some of the most popular Disney characters the company has, and these beautiful ladies can be enjoyed on a Christmas stocking; and any young or even some older lady may love these.

Christmas Stocking with Disney Princesses

Buzz Lightyear Christmas Stocking

While Buzz hasn't been around as long as some of the Disney beauties, he is still a very popular Disney character, and has a cool look that would create a lot of fun for the boys.

It would be a great experience to wake up with the surprise of a Buzz Lightyear stocking filled with Christmas goodies.

Buzz Lightyear Stocking

Disney McQueen Christmas Stocking

This is among the cooler Christmas stockings for boys, and McQueen is definitely strutting his stuff at the top of the stocking. Who needs to put anything in it, it's a great Christmas decoration itself. I love the way he looks.

Christmas Stocking with McQueen from Disney's Cars

High School Musical Christmas Stocking

A lot of young people still consider High School Musical a part of their growing up experience, and this Disney stocking with a number of the major characters of the film on it is a reminder of those years, and would be the type of stocking that would become a part of the memories of those wonderful but challenging years.

This is one Christmas stocking that surely will be saved by those who may want to share it some day with their own children.

Christmas Stocking with High School Musical Characters

Many More Disney Christmas Stockings

Walt Disney Christmas stockings shown here are just a few of the many out there. Some of them include music as part of the stocking, and there's even a Hannah Montana stocking in the shape of - what else - a boot!

From young to old Disney has and continues to enchant us, and a Christmas stocking with our favorite Disney characters is a terrific way to keep those memories before us.


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