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Disney Princess Birthday Party Theme

Updated on April 28, 2015

Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Every little girl dreams of being a princess! Give her the best Disney Princess Birthday Party ever!

There are so many Princess Birthday supplies you can choose from. If you're working on a budget you can choose a couple Disney Princess themed items (like cake top and centerpiece), then color coordinate your tableware and decorations. Create crowns and princess wands with craft supplies!

Below I've included ideas about games, activities, birthday gifts, food and supplies for a great Princess birthday party she'll remember forever!

Princess Party Flickr Photo Credit: Bruna Carvalho

Disney Princess Party Packages

Disney Princess Dreams Basic Party Pack

Make your daughter's birthday party an enchanted fairy tale with beautiful princess party supplies. The basic party pack includes 8 invitations, heart-shaped dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, 18 balloons (3 colors).

Disney Princess Invitations

Disney Princess Dreams Invitations (8)

Package includes 8 invitations (with envelopes) to match your party theme.

Disney Princess Thank You Notes

Disney Princess Dreams Thank-You Notes (8)

Thank your friends for joining in your magical day! Package includes 8 thank you notes (with envelopes) to match your party theme.

Disney Princess Heart Shape Dessert Plates

Disney Princess Dreams Dessert Plates (8)

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Your favorite is sure to be included! Enjoy your birthday cookies or cake along with your Princess Friends. Package includes 8 paper dessert plates to match your party theme. Each heart-shaped plate measures approximately 7" in diameter. Package contains 6 different styles.

Disney Princess 9" Dinner Plate

Disney Princess Dreams Dinner Plates (8)

Enjoy your birthday party food along with your favorite princesses! Package includes 8 paper heart-shaped dinner plates to match your party theme. 2 styles. Each measures approximately 9" in diameter.

Disney Princess Napkins

Disney Princess Dreams Lunch Napkins (16)

Keep you little princesses neat and tidy with these fun Disney Princess napkins. Package includes 16 lunch napkins to match your party theme. Each 2-ply, paper napkin measures approximately 6.5" x 6.5".

Disney Princess Keepsake Cups

Disney Princess Tumblers (8)

Belle, Cinderella and Aurora decorate these royal cups. Each plastic tumbler features the Disney Princesses on every cup. Plastic; 16 oz. Tumbler is BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe. Do not microwave. Ages 3+.

Activities Fit for a Princess!

Magic Wand Cookies - Bake cookies in the shape of stars then insert a Popsicle stick in each one to make a wand. Let the kids decorate the cookies with frosting and sprinkles!

Cinderella lost her shoe! - Take a bunch of dress shoes and hide one shoe from each pair. Give the kids the other shoe and tell them that Cinderella lost her shoe, and they need to find the one that matches the shoe you hand them. When they find the shoe and bring you back the matching pair, give them a little prize. (If budget allows, you could purchase play dress-up princess shoes and then the prize can be the pair of shoes they find) Look below for adorable candy-filled shoes that can also be used as prizes!

Pass the Poison Apple Like hot potato - with a princess twist! Play music while they pass around an apple. Whoever has the apple when the music stops is out! Keep playing until you have one winner.

Musical Tiaras - Place tiaras around a table, with one less tiara than number of children. When the music starts, the children walk around the table (no touching the table!). When the music stops each princess should put on a tiara, the child left without the tiara sits out. (Each time a child gets "out", you could give them a candy ring, so they don't feel so bad about being out!) Continue the game until there is one person left. After the game is over each child can get a tiara as a party favor. If you want to give the winner something extra special, make the tiara they get a light-up one!

Lost Treasure! - If you're having activities outdoors, you can bury "jewels" (play rings and necklaces) in the sandbox and have the kids dig for them.

Princess Makeovers - Make each little girl feel like a princess! Have and adult help the kids apply lip glosses, fingernail polish and glitter hair spray.

Disney Princess Filled Party Favor Boxes

Disney Princess Dreams Party Favor Box

Don't forget the birthday party favor boxes! Surprise your little princesses with a treat box full of dreams come true! Each favor box includes a Disney Princess Dreams sticker sheet*, a Disney Princess lip gloss necklace*, and 6 Disney Princess rubber bracelets*, plus an assorted rubber flower ring and crystal shoe with candy necklace.

Candy-Filled Crystal Shoes

Candy-Filled Crystal Shoes (1)

Leave behind a glittery "crystal" shoe, with a candy necklace tucked inside, for every princess. Plastic; 6". Use as a candy birthday favor or as a game prize! See the "Cinderella Lost Her Shoe" game suggestion above.

Disney Princess Pinata

Disney Princess 18" Pull-String Pinata

Pull one magical string on this piñata and watch as your treasures rain down! A removable sticker marks the hidden location where candy should be inserted. Piñata fillers sold separately

Disney Princess Electronic Magic Wand

Disney Princess Magic Wand (1)

Your fairy tale favors will be complete when you add this adorable Disney Princess wand! Bring the magic of fairy tales home! Each wand lights ups, makes a twinkling sound and features an image of a Disney Princess. Includes (1) assorted magic wand, our choice please. Plastic. Ages 3+.

Princess Tiara & Wand Set

Princess Tiara & Wand (8)

Be a fairy godmother to your guests! Each set includes a sparkling tiara and mini wand. Plastic. Ages 3+. Tiara measures approximately 14.5" x 3" x .5" and the wand measures approximately 3.2" x 5"x 5".

Disney Princess Arts and Crafts

Looking for something crafty to do? Disney online has a great selection of Disney Princess crafts and activities. Make Ariel's Crown, create a Belle paper doll or construct a Magic Carpet Coaster for Jasmine. All of these and more can be found at the Disney Family Website.

Click the links below for Disney Princess coloring pages.

Princess and Friends Coloring Pages

Princess Color Pages from Crayola

Coloring Castle

Coloring Castle

A royally fun party activity for girls and boys! Kids enjoy hours of fun coloring and then playing inside and around the outside of this cardboard castle. Measures 32H, with open-air "courtyard" so kids can stand up in the middle. Easy assembly.

Disney Princess Mylar Balloon Heart Shaped

Disney Princess Fairy-Tale Friends Mylar Balloon

Mylar balloons make decorating for a party easy and fun. Be sure to have several on hand for decorating inside (tying a popular balloon to the birthday child's chair is a popular idea), and outside (to easily identify the party location). Balloon measures approximately 16" in diameter. Pattern is printed on both sides of balloon.

Disney Princess Personalized Banner

Disney Princess Personalized Birthday Banner

Make your child's big day extra special with a personalized birthday banner! Add your customized message to ensure your banner is truly unique. Banners are made of heavy-duty vinyl so they're durable enough to withstand serious kid-play and all types of weather.

Banner measures 61"W x 18"H and includes metal grommets for easy hanging indoors or out.

Disney's Princess Fairy Tale Friends Centerpiece

Disney's Princess Fairy Tale Friends Centerpiece

She'll be the star of her birthday party with this Disney's Princess castle centerpiece. Made of cardboard and features a pretty pink and purple castle with Ariel and Snow White by the steps along with small cutouts of Aurora, Cinderella and Jasmine. Approximately 13" high.

Disney Princess Music for your Party!

Download these great Disney Princess MP3's to play during your Princess Party!

Princess Cake Inspiration

What fun ideas did you have for your Princess Party?

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      What a cute theme for a little girl....who wouldn't want to feel like a princess? Love the cake images!