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Updated on October 18, 2012

How To Make Your Own Female Captain America Costume

Are you looking for an instantly recognizable costume that you can create yourself? Try a DIY female Captain America costume! Captain America is a super hero character in the Marvel comic book line. He was created in 1941. The patriotic crime fighter is an iconic choice for men, women, teens, children and even dogs who are looking for a great costume for Halloween - or any other time. Captain America is instantly recognizable, especially since the character has been featured in more than one major motion picture recently. He has also been featured in cartoons, graphic novels, television, shows, storybooks, video games and, of course, comic books for decades.

Yes, Captain America is a man, but that doesn't mean females can't portray him. A DIY female Captain America costume is an unexpected alternative to princesses, Barbie dolls, fairies and witches for little girls. Tweens and teens will feel empowered to dress as a well known super hero. Women can add a bit of sex appeal to the costume, making all of the comic book fans in their life very happy.

How to Create a DIY Female Captain America Costume

First you need to put together your blue bodysuit. Most of us don’t have a one piece, form fitting bodysuit lying around. That’s no problem! You can easily create your own version of it with items you probably already own.

Babies and toddlers: Blue pajamas will work great. They can be either one piece or two. Leggings and a onesie or t-shirt are also good options, as long as both pieces are blue.

Girls: Leotards, bathing suits, tank tops, leggings, sweat suits, pajamas and t-shirts are all good options.

Teens: Teens might want to add a bit of flirtiness to the costume. This can be done easily with a sleeveless top, tights and skirt instead of the traditional long sleeves and pants.

Women: Women can go the traditional route of covering up their arms and legs with leggings, long sleeve t-shirts or a sweat suit. They can also make it sexy by showing off their, arms, legs and cleavage in ore revealing clothing.

Clothing can be as form fitting or covered as the wearers modesty level desires (or the wearer’s mother decides is appropriate!) The key is that the basic part of the costume be completely blue.

Accessorizing Your DIY Female Captain America Costume

Captain America has a patriotic emblem on his chest. It is simply a large white star. You can easily make this yourself in several ways.

Make your own star stencil by cutting a star out of a large piece of paper. Lay the costume top on the ground outside. Place the paper with the star cut away on top. Apply fabric paint or spray paint to create your own star emblem.

Cut a star out of white felt. Either sew it on to the costume or attach it with fabric glue.

If you or artistic, or at least have a steady hand, create the star yourself freehand with either paint or fabric markers.

Creating the accessories for your DIY female Captain America costume:

If you can’t find red boots, simply get black, brown or white boots at a thrift store and spray paint them red. Substitute red mittens for red gloves if that’s what you have on hand. Make Captain America’s belt, shield and mask out of cardboard, poster board, felt, paint and glue. Patterns are available online to print out to make the task easier. Let kids get in on the fun! Your little girls will love designing their own DIY female Captain America costume! You'll be creating memories to last a lifetime.

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      Vanya 2 years ago

      Or you could just go as American Dream. I'm pretty sure that's who the picture above actually is, looking at the stripe pattern.