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DIY Flapper Girl Costume: 1920s Great Gatsby Dresses, Accessories, Hair & Makeup Ideas

Updated on October 22, 2017

How To Dress In The Fashion Of The Roaring Twenties

Thanks to the recent Great Gatsby movie, people have been inspired by the elegance and glamor of the 1920s and as a result the style has already become a fashion trend - one which is still growing and is bound to be very popular this Halloween.

So if you want to dress like a flapper girl for a fancy dress party then you have come to the right place! Below you will find advice on dresses, hair, shoes and more, with plenty of DIY costume tutorials and makeup demo videos.

I hope you enjoy this page :)

Glamorous & Vibrant Flapper Girl Costume

You don't have to stick to black or white - mix it up!
You don't have to stick to black or white - mix it up! | Source

What You Need

To Complete The Ultimate 20s Style

I have put together this costume guide after watching The Great Gatsby movie and being inspired by the rebellious nature of the 20's flapper girls as they exposed their arms and often wore short skirts (shock horror!) And doing it with some serious stylish flair too!

Flapper girls were independent young women who were distinguished by various fashion choices, as well as the wearing of more makeup than was usual, smoking, and wearing their hair in a bob.

Dresses: Women were expected to wear corsets in the 20s and flappers rebelled against these restrictive garments by wearing loose hanging dresses which didn't fit to the shape of their waist at all. A popular style of dress was the 'drop-waist' dress, and they were usually highly embellished rather than being plain. The dress lengths ranged from short to below-the-knee, and the materials used were quite thin and flowing (as opposed to thick and stiff) to allow free movement.

Dancing was a favourite pastime of the flapper girls and so many dresses either had fringing or had bead dangles attached in order to accentuate movement when dancing. Highly beaded dresses were popular, and patterns were often quite art deco in style. To replicate 20s dresses, sequin fabrics are a good ready-made choice and imitate the sparkly and shimmery materials that were popular then. Delicate fabrics such as lace were also well-liked, and necklines were either plunging (as were dress backs), or they were straight across. Florals were also favoured, as you will see in The Great Gatsby movie when Daisy wears a floral kimono.

You can make your own dress if you have the dressmaking skills or sewing confidence, but I think the best way to make a unique costume is to buy a plain loose dress in the color of your choice and then embellish it yourself. This could involve sewing on sequins, fringing or beads. You can then choose exactly the colors and design you want.

Jewelry: Large Art Deco style dangly earrings were popular, as were long necklaces, especially if they were made of pearls. Crystals and rhinestones were also fashionable.

Props & other accessories: Flapper girls were generally smokers so a cigarette holder is a good prop for using with this costume. Feather boas, faux fur stoles and long satin gloves are also perfect for getting into the glamorous flapper mindset.

Hair: Short bobs were the most popular hairstyle, and these were mostly styled using the 'finger wave' technique, which is where a precise series of narrow waves are created in short hair. Flyaways were a no-no - make sure your hair is perfectly placed and neat. Have a look at the videos on this page to see how to work long hair into a bob style by tucking it under. Or you could wear a wig.

Headpieces and hats: Cloche hats and peekaboo hats were worn casually by flapper girls, and on a night-out a thin headband was traditionally worn, often with feather or rhinestone embellishments. Scarf turbans or beaded skull caps were also an option, but you will definitely need to wear something on your head to pass for a true flapper girl :)

Makeup: A lot of flapper girls seemed to have flawless skin (I wish I could manage that!), and wore makeup that maintained a pale complexion. Certainly no fake tan in the 1920s! Highly contrasting cupid-bow lips of red, a beauty spot and dark, dramatic eyes were a trendy combination. Eyebrows were well defined and thin.

Shoes: Because they had to be suitable for dancing, they had wide heels and weren't too high. Mary Janes with a heel, t-strap shoes and most round-toe strappy shoes are styles that you can use.

I wish the twenties look came back into mainstream fashion because I just love it!

Great Gatsby Trailer & Costume Information - The Inspiration Behind The Popular 20s Fashion Trend

Vintage Flapper Girl

Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston.
Photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston. | Source

20s Costume How-To Videos

1920s Hair Style Tutorials - Faux Bobs, Finger Waves & More

Flapper Girl Makeup Lessons & Ideas

How To Make a Flapper Girl Headband


(Image credit: me)

What you will need:

* Narrow, stretchy sequin trim in the color of your choice. You will need enough to fit around your head.

* 1-3 feathers, depending on the size you are using, and the effect you want. Peacock feathers were popular in the 20s, but these will only really look good if the sequin trim is green or black. You just need any type of feathers that doesn't clash in color with the sequin trim.

* A large crystal/rhinestone/pearl brooch (an Art Deco design would be a bonus) OR an oval of thick black felt and an assortment of rhinestones/beads/sequins/gems to glue or sew onto the felt.

Ebay is a good source of inexpensive costume brooches - aim for a cheap silver-colored plastic brooch because then it will be lightweight.

* Long (approx. 6") black fringing, You'll only need a length of 3"-4"

* Superglue or hot glue

* Needle and thread

- Wrap the sequin trim around your head to determine how long you need the band to be in order for it to fit well; not too loose but not too tight.

- Sew or glue the ends of the trim together securely.

- Next, glue the feathers onto the front of the trim, and make sure that when the headband is in place the feathers stand up straight and aren't too heavy. You may need to trim them down if they're too big. It might be best to attach the feathers on top of the seam of the trim in order to hide it.

- Take your length of fringing and roll it up tightly to make a tassel. Sew or glue the top ribbon section to secure the roll.

- Sew the tassel into place on top of where the feathers are attached. Try to make the top as flat against your head as possible so it doesn't stick out too much from your head.

- Fix the brooch over the top of the tassel to finish OR sew the gems/rhinestones onto the oval of black felt and glue/sew it onto the headband to cover up all the previous glueing and sewing.

- That's it!

Roaring Twenties 'Black & Gold' Costume

I like the black and gold color combo used here, and the dress was homemade.
I like the black and gold color combo used here, and the dress was homemade. | Source

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love you for this post, it has everything and has been sooooo helpful! I was really lost and then I found this, THANK YOU!!!!

    • Theresa Franklin profile image

      Theresa Franklin 

      5 years ago from Hemphill, TX

      Great costumes. Excellent job.

    • Frischy profile image


      5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      Wow! I think this lens has everything needed to create a great flapper costume! Great job!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Love those video tutorials, fun lens!

    • ikeephouse profile image


      6 years ago

      Loved this! Good job. I love their headbands that they wore.


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