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Doc Mcstuffins Party Supplies

Updated on March 18, 2015

Doc Mcstuffin Birthday Party Ideas for fixing up a unique party!

If your child has become a fan of the new television show Doc McStuffins, then you may be at a loss for Doc Mcstuffins party ideas. While there are a few party accessories out there that you can buy, licensed Doc Mcstuffins party supplies are not in stores yet. This means that you can have lots of fun while allowing your creativity to shine through with your party ideas.

Doc McStuffins is all about a little girl that fixes toys, which is great for a party where your child will get plenty of new toys. The downside to this however, is that they will never want to get rid of their toys ever again and might believe that EVERY broken toy can be fixed. Despite this, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways that you can make a truly fun and memorable party.

Photo Credit: Doc Mcstuffins Poster

Doc Mcstuffins Printable Party Pack

Although an official party pack is not available for this theme you can still create a great looking party with matching colors and designs. Etsy store Serendipity Planning has designed a lovely Doc Mcstuffins printable pack which includes cupcake toppers and wrappers, birthday banner, favor tags, party signs, water bottle labels, centerpiece design and much more for $13.

Doc Mcstuffins Party Invitations

Free Printable Invites and Ideas for making your own

If you want to make your own Doc McStuffins Invitations then you have two options. There are several printable invitations online that you can use in fact you can download and print free Doc Mcstuffins invitation templates from or you can get even more creative.

One idea is to make the invitations look like a doctor's prescription pad. You can put the Doc McStuffins logo on the center of the paper and then let all the guests know that it is time for their checkup! The wording can go on to be even more fun with a remedy for whatever illness the guests have. "You've been diagnosed with boredom, so you need plenty of fun and food at ______ birthday party!" You can make it personal for each guest and you can even use Doc McStuffins stickers to easily add some of the show's characters to the invitation.

Personalized Doc Mcstuffins Invitations - Lots of custom invitation designs available at ebay

Ebay has lots of custom Doc Mcstuffins invitations. A few of the designs have been featured below just to give you a taste of what you can find there. All invites can be personalized too.

Doc Mcstuffins Party Decorations

Doc McStuffins decorations are mercifully easy. Why? Because if you look around the playhouse where Doc McStuffins spends her time, it's covered in hand drawn images. So not only do you just get to draw charts with teddy bears or dragons, you don't even have to draw them well! They're supposed to be drawn by Doc so they don't have to be perfect! Next time you watch the show, keep an eye on some of the hand drawn things in the background for small touches you can add. For example, make sure to have the clipboard hanging somewhere and the Big Book of Boo Boos needs to be put somewhere special.

Another idea for decorations is to watch the episode where they celebrate Hallie's birthday. Doc and the toys make all the decorations for her party too, so it's got tons of simple and fun ideas for making your own party decorations. Added benefit? All the decorations are hand drawn with crayons so it's easy and you don't have to buy anything! If you have kids, you have plenty of crayons and white paper around the house. Just draw and color several cupcakes or presents or pictures of the toys and then string them together with ribbon. You can hang these up all over the house for a fun effect.

For added touches, all you need is plenty of pink and purple (white,turquoise,yellow can be added too). Get streamers and balloons and put them around the house. This coupled with the hand drawn decorations will be all you need to really create a Doc McStuffins feel all over your home. You can even get stickers that look like the bandaids that Doc McStuffins uses and put them around the home, on the presents or on toys that your child has out. The little touches go a long way and your child will definitely appreciate them.

Doc Mcstuffins Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK2280SCS Doc McStuffins Peel and Stick Wall Decals
RoomMates RMK2280SCS Doc McStuffins Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Decals are great for decorating wall areas.. These licensed Doc Mcstuffins wall decals can be applied to walls for the party and will not only bring the room to life but have your little one mesmerized. Once the party is over peel these off and use them to decorate their bedroom.


Doc Mcstuffins Balloons - licensed mylar and latex balloons

These licensed balloons can be used to make Doc Mcstuffins balloon bouquets which you can tie together and stick to walls, or have floating next to the party table.

Doc Mcstuffins Inflatables Variety Pack of 6
Doc Mcstuffins Inflatables Variety Pack of 6

6 latex balloons featuring prints of Doc Mcstuffins and characters like Lambie, Colors include blue,pink and yellow and there are two of each color.

Anagram International HX Doc McStuffins Happy Birthday Party Balloons, Multicolor
Anagram International HX Doc McStuffins Happy Birthday Party Balloons, Multicolor

17 inch foil Doc Mcstuffins balloons with "Happy Birthday" message as part of design. Would make a great center balloon for your balloon bouquet


Doc Mcstuffins Birthday Banner - Custom Doc Mcstuffins Letter Birthday Banner

Custom Made Doc mcstuffins birthday banners can be found from kateskiddiebargain's store. The 5 foot long banner will be hard to miss when people enter the room and the Doc Mcstuffins images and happy birthday lettering will make your little Doc feel very special on their big day. A must have to complete your party decorations!

Doc Mcstuffins Party Plates, Cups, Table Steup

Sticking with the color theme of pink and purple as mentioned above. Solid color plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers can be used to great effect for setting up a virbrant party table. They are available online but can just as easily be found in local stores. Even with some of these items in place you really don't have to stop there as you could add lots of other Doc Mcstuffins elements to make this party even more special.One example of how you can arrange your party table is offered by Helena P who featured photos of the party she threw for her daughter who was turning 4 on Catch my party. The end result is absolutely amazing and there are a lot of ideas to be gathered from how she put things together as a whole... Truly awesome.

Heidi Kinnamon put up vid showing her daughters Doc Mcstuffins party. There are probably more ideas for the party in general rather than a table setup but they're good ideas you can incorporate into your party non the less. Check it out!

Doc Mcstuffins Party Food Ideas

A chance to utilise some healthy snacks with one or two treats

The food is probably the best part of a Doc McStuffins party. Why? Because you have an excuse to get your kids to choose healthier options for snacks! This is a win/win! You get to stick to the theme and encourage good food choices. So plenty of fruits and just a few treats are perfect for this party. If you want to do something bigger than you can serve up sandwiches which incorporate veggies, meats and cheese.

Try some or these:

Babbles recipe to make Doc Mcstuffins No-Bake Oatmeal Banana Strawberry Muffins offer a healthy and tasty snack that kids will not only enjoy eating but can help to make.

Turn a kids favorite food into a healthy snack by making Doc Mcstuffins pizza. All you would have to do is use whole grain English muffins, fat free sauce, low fat cheese and add lots of veggies.

Chicken and vegetable sausage rolls would also be good party food choice as they're easy to make, filling for kids and provide them with veggies that Doc herself would approve of. The recipe can be found at

For more healthy foods Fresh for kids have lots of healthy recipes and dishes you can add to your party foods that everyone will love.

If you want a few candies however you could put some marshmallows into a bowl and label them "cotton bowl marshallows" to keep with the doctors theme... The idea came from vixen made, who created a candy buffet for a medical theme party featuring chocolate dipped pretzel stick thermometers, candy pills, red cross Oreos and much more.

Doc Mcstuffins Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Okay you can't get away from making a cake but you can make it a little healthier by adding some fresh fruits between the layers. You can also go with whipped frosting for another healthier choice.

For the decorations on the cake you can pick up some Doc McStuffins figures or purchase some cake toppers online. If you do want to do it yourself you can make do with plenty of pink and purple designs. Perhaps you are little more skilled as a decorator in that case you can try to draw some of the characters, use that same artistry you used on the decorations, and it will still be a hit.

Cupcakes are always welcomed with happy faces at parties, so a few cupcakes frosted with purple or pink icing would make a big impression. As added decoration make Doc Mcstuffins cupcake toppers with the free cupcake topper templates available at Family go.

Doc Mcstuffins Cake Toppers

Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Figurine Playset
Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Figurine Playset

Decorate your cake with this figure set which includes Doc and popular characters from the show like Lambie and Hallie. All thats needed is for you to place the figures a top a frosted cake the way you please and wallah. You can add more decorations but these figures will be what catches your little ones eyes when they first see their birthday cake.


Doc Mcstuffins Cupcake Toppers

Cutom made Doc Mcstuffins cupcake toppers can be purchased from places like ebay and - Yep I've mentioned those places a few times but they seem to have most of the Doc Mcstuffins party supplies at the moment. Although you can use the free templates to make your own Doc Mcstuffin cupcake decorations you can opt for different style of cupcake d├ęcor by using the Doc Mcstuffins cupcake rings available from ebay store singmelodysing or the 30 premade cupcake toppers on sale in the kateskiddiebargains ebay store.

Doc Mcstuffins Party Favors

DIY Doc Mcstuffins Favor Ideas to send guests away happy

As for favors, incorporating the doctor theme into the favors you give to guests to take home with them is best. If you like to add personal touches to the party and enjoy being hands on you can make your own Doc Mcstuffins favor bags. All you have to do is print off some Doc Mcstuffins images and glue them to pink or purple paper party bags, you can pick up from the dollar store.

*Although licensed Doc Mcstuffins party supplies are not available Crafts by Rosa sells beautiful premade Doc Mcstuffins favor boxes shaped like the Doc's kit bag which would be perfect for holding candy and favors if you can afford to spend a little.

*Printable doc Mcstuffin Doctors kits with bandage sticker templates are available free from disney family go, these are great for abit of role play fun and can also make fun favors for kids to take home.

*Doc wears a purple headband with a flower and this can be added to favors as you can buy some purple headbands and glue on a flower made from foam to make Doc Mcstuffins headbands. To make the flower you could use a flower template to get the shape of the flower and cut it out and then cut out a white circle foam piece to place in middle of flower. Here' a good tutorial showing you how to make foam flowers

Doc Mcstuffins Stickers

75 Doc McStuffins Stickers
75 Doc McStuffins Stickers

After all your guests have had their day of check ups and healthy foods and are good to go, finding these Doc Mcstuffins stickers in their goody bags will be a pleasant suprise. The stickers have five different designs and you get 75 in total.


Doc Mcstuffins Jewelry Set Favors

4-pack Disney Doc McStuffins Jewelry Set for Kids - Doc McStuffins Days of the Week Sticker Earrings and Rings Set for Kids Party 4-pack
4-pack Disney Doc McStuffins Jewelry Set for Kids - Doc McStuffins Days of the Week Sticker Earrings and Rings Set for Kids Party 4-pack

Girls will love these Doc Mcstuffins Jewelry sets. The set includes sticker earrings and rings and is guaranteed to be a hit with guests.


Custom Doc Mcstuffins Party Favors

Looking for Doc Mcstuffins party favors is not easy but if you find that your lacking in the favor department you can always add some of these custom made favors.

Doc Mcstuffins Party Games and Activities

If you want to create some activities that the kids will love, get some cheap, old toys from Goodwill or from your child's old toys. Find ones that easily come apart or ones that you can draw on to create things that need to be fixed. If you don't want to ruin toys you can use any toy and just write down their symptoms. Place these toys on a long table with different things like bandaids, toy doctor's bags and other things that Doc McStuffins uses. Then have the kids go to the table and give all the toys a check-up to see what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix the toys. You can use ideas from the show or do ones that are completely unique. The best idea may be to have problems that can be recreated so more than one child can have a chance with each toy.

Another fun activity would be to have the kids give each other checkups. You can have a growth chart on the wall just like Doc has in her office and the kids can measure each other. You can also have them check each other's ears and eyes, and then come up with illnesses for each other. If the kids are older you can give each one of them a card with their illness and they can pretend for their checkups. It is a great way to get all the kids involved and incorporate the fun of the show into the party.

A little pinata action is always lots of fun too. Doc Mcstuffins themed pinatas are available at You'll find not only pinata's of Doc there but ones of Lambie and Stuffy too.

Having the kids do some fun paper based activities would also be really enjoyable for them. Anything like coloring pages or little quizzes can be enough to keep them entertained for a while. Free Printable Doc Mcstuffins activity packs can be downloaded from

Share Your Doc Mcstuffins Party Thoughts and Ideas - Let us know...

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