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The Best Gift I Have Bought This Year

Updated on October 19, 2013

A few months ago as it got close to my bff's birthday, let's call her J, I knew I wanted to find her a gift that she would love. I've known J about six years and she is honestly one of the best people that I have ever met. I wanted her to feel special and loved when she opened her present.

I zeroed in on her love of Dr. Who to start looking for the perfect birthday gift. J loves socks, so Dr. Who socks seemed like a natural choice, but I couldn't find a style that I liked.

I looked at Tardis mugs, Dalek alarm clocks, various sonic screwdrivers, and so much more. Nothing really clicked for me, until I saw the Doctor Who Tardis Laplander hat. Oh yeah, baby! Check it out!!

We live in the bitter frozen North so having a warm winter hat is essential, but no one wants to look boring. I knew if anyone would look good with a TARDIS on her head, it would be my girl J.

When the hat arrived I had to try it on and so did my daughter. I hope that doesn't make it a used gift. We just had see what it looked like. I also wanted to make sure it was a quality item.

It was super comfortable with a fleece lining and knit exterior. It fit my grown up head great and was super stylish.

I wrapped it up and took it with me for our birthday girls' night. I wish I had a camera out when she opened her gift. She was not expecting such geeky awesomeness. She was thrilled and immediately stuck it on her head even though it was a hot August day.

Fast forward 6 to 7 weeks and it is finally cold enough to wear it. She sent me the awesome picture below of her when she took her kids to school the other day. Love love love! She did have a confused mom ask her about the hat, but she took the opportunity to do a little Dr. Who-ducation.

You can't go wrong with this TARDIS hat for the Dr. Who fan in your life. Show them some love and surprise them with it, or buy it for yourself.

Have I convinced you this Dr. Who Laplander is a great gift?

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elope Tardis Scarf
elope Tardis Scarf

Ooo, nice scarf!

Doctor Who Knee Tardis Stripe Knee High Socks, Shoe size 4-10
Doctor Who Knee Tardis Stripe Knee High Socks, Shoe size 4-10

I do like these socks, but J always wears much brighter ones, so I wasn't sure about them.


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