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Dog Christmas Cards

Updated on July 29, 2014

Christmas Cards with Dogs in Them

Man's best friend always makes a good showing when it comes to dog Christmas cards, as everyone seems to want to send a Christmas card of their favorite dog or favorite dog breed, or receive one.

Not only that, but there is also a lot of humor associated with dogs because of their unpredictable behavior at times, and so incorporating that into Christmas cards is a compelling way to express that reality.

There's no doubt about it, dogs make great models to photograph, draw or paint, and there's always a bit of character and look to them all.

Below you'll find several dog Christmas cards, both of live dogs photographed and dogs depicted by artists. All of them look great and make great dog Christmas cards.

Even when you include only the head of a dog for a Christmas card, as you know, they're full of character and always seem to give you this look as if they're thinking something through or contemplating on some unknown subject.

Dachshund Dog Christmas Card

This Dachshund Christmas card seems to capture the little fella good. The illustration includes those sad-looking eyes that Dachshunds always seem to stare at you with, and of course that long, narrow nose. Nice dog Christmas card.

Not only would this appeal to dog lovers, but would also be a way of sending a card in a way that helps mend any type of problem people could have between one another. After all, who couldn't forgive someone sending a card with eyes that look like they do with this card.

Christmas Card with Dachshund

Boxer Greetings Cards

Boxers are beloved by their owners, and many of those owning them think of them as part of the family and see them as having great personality. I remember writer Louis Bromfield had a bunch of these dogs running around his experimental farm for years. Anyone that loves dogs or have boxers would really like this Christmas card with one on it.

Boxer Dog Christmas Cards

Boston Terrier Christmas Card

If you like these little Boston Terriers or small dogs in general, you'll enjoy sending or receiving a Christmas card with him featured on the front. That's funny with him holding the bone treat like he is, ready to play with it after receiving it as a gift.

Christmas Card Boston Terrier

Black Lab Christmas Card

I love this Black Lab Christmas card, specifically those droopy ears and the paws coming up over the bed. Nicely done.

For anyone who has had a dog that loves to show up at your bedside in the morning, this is a memory that we fondly retain.

Chocolate Lab Christmas Card

The Chocolate Lab is a really nice dog breed. I've had some friends that have bred them over the years, and they make great bird dogs, along with being a fantastic looking dog. Of course all of that adds up to a great dog Christmas card. Looking at this Chocolate lab and comparing him to the Black Lab above, other than color, you don't see a lot of difference.

Chocolate Lab

Border Collie Christmas Card

Here's the last of the dog Christmas cards I'm going to show, and this border collie really looks terrific. I like how they got the dog to sit in front of the snow background, where the tree and snow blend in with the colors of the dog.

Border Collie

Christmas cards and dog lovers go together

These few dog Christmas cards are a small sampling of the enormous number of dogs and cards there are out there. Not only are there dog greetings cards featuring breeds, but there are tons of dog Christmas cards which feature dogs in poses, with the focus on the scene itself, rather than the dog breed. In other words, at times dogs can complementary to a main theme rather than the center of the card's focus.

Either way, dog Christmas cards are a great theme to use for those you're sending your card to, and almost always work well for any circumstance.

You can get them with real dogs as part of the card or illustrated dog art. Both look fantastic and would be appreciated by those receiving them.


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