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Dog Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on July 19, 2014

Christmas Wallpapers with a Dog Theme

Dogs haven't received the proclamation of being man's best friend for nothing, as it's boisterous and friendly nature have endeared them to people for as long as they've been around.

That has translated into all sorts of fun and interesting interactions between people and their dogs, and one of the funnest ways of doing that is in placing them in situations where they look hilarious or cute in a variety of Christmas scenes or scenarios.

And as all of us know, dogs can look really different and compelling when having their pictures taken in situations produced to create lasting images, as there are many times they do something at the last moment to change or alter what it is that is being attempted to be done through photos with them.

But there are also times when the dogs will sit still and no surprises are acted out, resulting in the exact pictures captured in time that we had hoped for.

All of this is to say doing this with a Christmas scene makes for fantastic wallpapers during the holiday season, which we can use to generate a good feeling, laughter, and reminders of wonderful times spent with our canine pals.

Cute Little Dog with Christmas Bow

There is no doubt that the majority of dog lovers who own a dog will prefer to have their own photo of their dog or dogs for a Christmas wallpaper.

This photo shows how simple and easy it would be to create such a photo that looks really cute and wonderful.

All that has to be done is to tie a red ribbon around the neck like in this photo and take a picture next to an obvious Christmas object or decoration.

The key to successfully pulling this off is to have a dog that is trained and disciplined enough to sit long enough for a picture, or at least to have your camera ready as soon as you place the dog where you want. Amazing pictures like this can be the result. Now who wouldn't want to have a wallpaper of our own dog to look at during the Christmas season with a look like this, or like that in the other wallpapers included in the article?

As for those without a dog, or unable to take a good photo, this and other Christmas wallpapers are great substitutes which can be enjoyed throughout the holiday.


Christmas Wallpaper of Dog with Antler Hat On

It doesn't get much better than this for a Christmas photo of a dog. This is one of those circumstances where the dog itself steals the show. All you have to do is look at those sad looking eyes to get a laugh out of this image

Even if this little guy didn't have the reindeer antler hat on it would be an awesome photo.

Also cool looking is capturing the dog while it was walking, with one foot appearing to cross over the other. It couldn't have been planned better or looked any cooler than this.

Again, all that needs to be done is put on a hat like this and snap away until a good picture is caught to use for a Christmas wallpaper.

dog christmas wallpapers
dog christmas wallpapers | Source

Dog in Mailbox Wallpaper

This is a terrific dog wallpaper that could be used during Christmas or any other time.

While the red Christmas roses make for a nice complementary design element for the dog placed humorously in the open mailbox, they could be used for just about any time of the year and be relevant.

This is actually a good idea for someone wanting to have their favorite or only dog on their computer screen in interesting scenarios.

Even though this was obviously done by a professional in a studio, it was included because it wuoldn't be that difficult to replicate it if you have a similar type of mailbox.

It also shows how you can take everyday objects at home to create a great design for a Christmas wallpaper using your dog.


Two Dogs in Christmas Wallpaper Scene

If you have a couple of dogs, here is an idea or option that could be used to create a great Christmas wallpaper for you.

You could open a window in this case, remove the screen or whatever you have to cover it once the window is pulled up, and get outside and let the natural curiosity of the dogs lead them to pose in a manner as you see here. You shouldn't even have to work with them other than being sure they don't jump out of the window. Having someone inside out of the picture would probably work the best to keep them from being overly excited and difficult to keep in place.

This is why it's always a good idea to have your camera ready when about to take a picture, as with living things we may only have a short window before the photo opportunity is gone.

Again, you can see how something like this could be recreated to get a photo like this with your dogs. The green siding and red around the windows show this is obviously designed for the purpose of taking a shot like this.


Dalmatian Puppies in Christmas Present Box

Probably because of Disney and the 101 Dalmatians, this type of dog has become a very recognizable and popular pet, even though when they grow up they can actually get somewhat aggressive.

That said, there's not too many dogs much cuter than Dalmatians when they're puppies, as you can see from this photo.

Adding them to a Christmas scene where it appears they just popped out of the box is a fantastic idea and image. The little paw of the puppy on the right sticking out and resting on the edge of the box is a nice touch. It's one of those things that can't be planned but only captured accidentally while taking shots.

For a less aggressive and relaxed puppy it's possible to place the paw where it's at like in the photo and it could stay there long enough to get a shot like this. But it would be difficult.

Either way, this is a terrific Christmas dog wallpaper where the white color of the dogs stick out nicely with the darker background of the presents.


Christmas Dog Wallpapers

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your dogs in order to create a great Christmas wallpaper to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

If you don't have a dog but like them, some of the wallpapers here would be amazing alternatives for you. For those preferring a different image or dog type, just put the phrase "Christmas dog wallpapers" in your search engine box and plenty of alternative images will pop up for immediate download.

As these wallpapers show, it also isn't too hard to take a great photo of your own dog or dogs to create a nice Christmas photo to include on your computer or other screen.

Most simply have a hat or little decoration added to an existing Christmas decorative scheme. Take enough shots to capture the image you want and place it on the computer to enjoy for the holiday season.


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