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Dolphin Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on June 27, 2013

Party With The Dolphins

You just got to love dolphins! And since you (and I) love them a dolphin birthday party is a great idea!

I have thrown together some ideas on how to plan this themed party, searched for the cutest dolphin party supplies (plates and cups are just adorable), added some game and activity ideas, pictures and tutorials for the perfect dolphin cake (some are super easy to make) and much more.

And that's not all - the content will keep on adding as I come up with the new ideas. If you want to be a part of it do share a comment with your opinions and ideas at the end of this page.

Photo Credit: Eldriva CC

Dolphin Party Supplies

There really aren't a lot of dolphin themed party supplies available which I was saddened about but the good news is that the ones that are available are super adorable.

Dolphin Party Plates, Cups and more...

Sea Life Dinner Plates
Sea Life Dinner Plates

I think this one is adorable.

Sea Life 9 oz. Cups
Sea Life 9 oz. Cups

And the matching cups will look perfect.

Dolphin Party Tableware Set (32pc)
Dolphin Party Tableware Set (32pc)

A set of matching dolphin party supplies.


Dolphin Party Invitations

To buy & to print for free

If you are getting the party supplies shown above you can get a party invitation in a simmilar scheme, however if you wish to save some money I have good news for you! I found a freebie!

You can get an absolutely professorial looking free printable dolphin party invitation from Kidspartyinvites (you will be getting the invitation shown on the image on the right - naturally in high quality and a much, much larger one ;)

Did you know that "Killer Whale" is actually a dolphin?

Dolphin Facts For KidsDolphins are amazing. Learn fun facts about dolphins for kids.

Dolphin Cake Ideas

Centre of the party

If you have crafty hands you can make a nice looking sculpted cake that will without a doubt impress all the guests, both big and small. I have gathered a few ideas - some supper simple and some that need a higher level of expertise in order to make them. I'm sure you will find something suiting your skill level (you can always use a cake pan or a topper).

If you don't do allot of cakes and wish to do something unique without much work I really recommend you give Dolphin Cookie Cutter Cake a try.

If you have great skills why not give something like this a go;

Dolphins Riding The Waves Cake

Dolphin Coming Out Of The Cake

Pink Dolphin Cake with tutorial

Sugarcraft sculpted cake (gorgeous)

Photo Credit: Eldriva CC

Dolphin Cake Pan - Perfect cake in no time

With this you will be making a perfect dolphin shaped cake without much hassle. The decorating part might be a bit harder though but I am sure you can do it!

Edible Cake Toppers

Gorgeous image makes any cake stunning

I think that when it comes to dolphins, sculpting a cake of your own is fun, but you won't go wrong if you will use an edible cake topper as there are some amazing pictures available.

I have selected 4 that appeal to me the most - 3 realistic ones and ones the kids might enjoy a bit more.

All you have to do is bake a cake (square or round one) and put an edible picture on it, decorate the edges and you have one gorgeous dolphin cake ready to go.

You could also combine these toppers with regular plastic ones to give the cake more dimension. Possibilities are endless.

Photo Credit: ume-y CC via Flickr





Other Dolphin Party Food Ideas

And drinks naturally

Everything blue!

Blue should be the main theme when it comes to food - you can serve lemonade with a drop of blue food coloring in it, serve blue candy, cupcakes with blue butter cream topping, blueberries, blue Jell-o.

You can also get cute dolphin shaped cookie cutters and make either dolphin shaped cookies or sandwiches!

Photo Credit:CC>

Dolphin Birthday Party Decorations

Dive into the ocean!

Transfor the room (or the outside) to a true ocean. Blue balloons, dolphin shaped balloons, fish decorations, blue curtains...

Baby Blue 12" Latex Balloons 15ct.
Baby Blue 12" Latex Balloons 15ct.

You can combine these with white ones and it will look amazing.

Dolphin Table Cover
Dolphin Table Cover

Protect your favourite tablecloth and have a theme fitting one at the same time. If you are having a party for adults I would go with a plain blue table cover though.

Martha Stewart Crafts Pom Poms, Blue
Martha Stewart Crafts Pom Poms, Blue

Blue Pom Poms are such a great decoration, so subtle and so amazing.


Dolphin Party Games And Activity Ideas

Some ideas to keep your guests entertained... Especially if your the guests are kids.


Pin The Fish on The Dolphins Peak

If you know how to play pin the tail on the donkey, this is just a verion of that game tailored to fit this theme.

You can get the dolphin and fish image in high resolution for free - just save and print them out and you are ready to play

Get The Dolphin Image

Get The Fish Image

If you don't know the rules they are pretty simple. Put the dolphin picture on the wall. You will have to cut out the fishes (print more than one). Put a small amount of duck-tape on the fish.

Kids or adults compete with each other on who will be more accurate in pining the fish to the dolphins peak while being blindfolded. While blindfolded they have to walk towards the dolphin with a fish in their hands and stick/pin it to where they think the beak is.

Ring toss

Inflatable Dolphin Ring Toss Game
Inflatable Dolphin Ring Toss Game

While you can make your own cardboard dolphin to play this game a inflatable one will look way cooler.



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