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Dragon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Updated on June 25, 2014

Holiday Fantasies

One of my father's friends gives him a dragon for Christmas every year. It makes for a striking tree, especially against the background of Dad's sword collection. I'll show you pictures of a few of our ornaments. Some are still available, and you can find links to them below. Others have been retired.

Dragons are perfect lurkers in the shadows of a lighted Christmas tree. They glow and sparkle with glass or paint or glitter, and sometimes shine with real gold.

Dragon Christmas ornaments make lovely gifts and stocking stuffers, or you can tie one onto the ribbon of a larger gift. But don't give them all away - treat yourself to a set!

You'll also find a few links to tutorials for making your own ornaments. And I've chosen some more lovely decorations for your very own dragon tree - take a look!

[Intro and collection photos by Valerie Proctor Davis]

Our Fiery Christmas Collection

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Smaug curls around his precious treasures.A mystical carved ball is more valued than gold.Tiny dragon has a sweet tooth!Ringing in the new year.Who needs reindeer?
Smaug curls around his precious treasures.
Smaug curls around his precious treasures.
A mystical carved ball is more valued than gold.
A mystical carved ball is more valued than gold.
Tiny dragon has a sweet tooth!
Tiny dragon has a sweet tooth!
Ringing in the new year.
Ringing in the new year.
Who needs reindeer?
Who needs reindeer?

Sweet Tooth 2009

Celtic 2010

Bell Ringer 2011

Gothic 2012

Beautifully detailed sculptures, one for each Christmas. We have some of these in our collection. They're hand-painted and cast in high-quality resin, with a tiny eye hook for hanging.

Hand Blown Glass Tree Topper

Hand Blown Glass Ornament

Gorgeous glass dragons are hand-blown by artist Kevin Prochaska. The shimmering colors come from enhancing the hot glass with pure gold.

12 Glittery Dragons

A dozen glittery decorations in blue, green, and red, touched with gold on the spines and horns. Each cute little monster bears gifts to put under your Christmas tree!

DIY Dragons

Does your child want a "How to Train Your Dragon" Christmas tree? Here's some great designs for crafting your own decorations!




Colorful glass dragons rendered in fascinating detail! Three sets of three give you a shining variety.

Moon Dragon I

Moon Dragon II

Hand-painted poly stone ornaments based on the work of artist Amy Brown. The have both a cord for hanging and a display stand.

Dragons on Your Tree?

Do you have dragon Christmas ornaments?

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