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Birthday Party Craft Ideas for School Age Children - Dragons

Updated on February 13, 2014

Dragon Crafts For School Age Children

Make your child's birthday party a very special one this year. Often a party consists of renting a section of a fast food restaurant or a home party with little thought given to making it unique.

This year, why not go all out and plan a party that will stand out in the children's memories as a special, one-of-a-kind get together. Let your child decide upon a theme and then work toward making the party extra special. If the theme of your school age child's birthday party is dragons, here are a few great crafts everyone will enjoy...



This project uses a paper plate as the base. The instructions and templates for making this intimidating looking creature can be found at You have a choice of printing out the add-on pieces in color or black and white. If you use the black and white templates, the children can create the dragon's head in the colors of their choice using paints, markers or crayons. They'll be using scissors for this craft, so be sure and use the safest ones with rounded ends.



Here's another dragon craft using paper plates. You'll need one large and three smaller plates to put together for the body using pipe cleaners which will allow for movement. Brads could be used in lieu of pipe cleaners. After the children have painted or colored their dragon to their liking, they'll use construction paper and glue to add spikes, flames, legs and a spiked tail. This craft can be found on



This paper puppet dragon is simple and takes very little time. It uses construction paper with a piece in the middle folded accordian style for movement. Two skewers are attached to his head and tail to allow the children to use their finished projects as puppets. Popsicle sticks in the longer length would be safer to use than sharp skewers. The template and instructions can be found at



I thought this craft was very cute. A toilet paper tube is used for the dragon's body. Construction paper gives him his head, wings, legs and tail. This is another of great crafts complete with color or black and white templates. Again, make sure the scissors the children use are safe.



This very cute painted dragon is made of a paper/cardboard egg carton. The one shown on uses 7 egg sections, but why not make him with several more segments? A ribbon threads through each segment holding him together and allowing for movement. Jingle bells attached to his end also make him quite a merry dragon.

For invitations, toys, hats, t-shirts and other Dragon related items, has a hundreds of choices from which to choose.


* The dragon is a mythical animal. Some dragons are said to breathe fire and others are portrayed with wings.

* Dragons are very popular in China. The phoenix is a dragon that has five claws and was a symbol for the emperors in China.

*The year of the dragon in China comes around every twelve years. The years 2000, 2012 and 2024 are years of the dragon.

*Dragons are mentioned in the Bible. Here's just one of the many verses using the word dragon. Psalm 91:13 "Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet."



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