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Dragon Makeup Tips, Designs, Tutorials

Updated on July 2, 2015

Dragon Makeup

Dragon's have captured the imagination of people for millenia, as they are rooted in mythology in numerous nations, and have represented a threat to the well-being of towns and village throughout history.

That has given rise to the fierceness of dragons, and their flame-throwing ability which has left scorched villages everywhere, according to legend and lore.

Of course that has also led to people imagining what dragons look like, and by extension, providing them with great source material for art, as well as options for makeup for Halloween and other party events.

Some like to make the imagined attributes of the dragon a more artistic look, while others only want to portray the fierce look of the dragon. Both work well and look great, revealing opposite sides of the makeup design spectrum.

Dragon Makeup Designs

Most dragon makeup is expressed by including ferocious eyes and a sharp teeth. With those there are some that include the horns on the head as we see depicted in film and are for a lot of dragons.

For the more relaxed look, there are scales included in the dragon makeup design, along with the entire figure of the dragon, as embraced by Asian cultures.

Dragon Eye and Facial Makeup

This first photo of dragon makeup is among one of the more unusual. It's very nice looking, and includes great color and the design is awesome in how it flows across the eyes, bridge of the nose, and ends with the dragon head emerging out of the side of her eye.

The way glitter is used is also great, as it's sprinkled across the dragon at strategic points, providing wonderful contrast.

My favorite part is the way glitter is applied near the dragon's nose to give the sense of smoke blowing out. It looks great.


Green Dragon Face Paint

Here we have the totally different dragon makeup look mentioned earlier, with the focus on the green color of the dragon, and those large teeth and horns coming out of the top of its head and the sides.

This is the most popular dragon look, although there are distinctions made with color, noses and teeth.


Purple Dragon Face Makeup

With this dragon look the person decided to go with purple instead of green, possibly to differentiate as green is a favorite color for those choosing a full-face dragon look.

I also like the way the dragon nostrils are made to flare out, giving an ominous feel and look to the face.

The teeth and horns are also great, but the inclusion of the makeup on the eyelid to create yellowish eye color is awesome. The eyelids are closed to show how the makeup was applied.

It would be pretty cool for one moment to have your real eyes open and then shut them to reveal the green eyes of the dragon.


Dragon Makeup Video Tutorials

The dragon makeup video tutorials offer even more ideas on the many looks of a dragon that can be created. These are different than the dragon makeup photos included.

There is one which is dominated by the scales of the dragon, and another with a more vibrant green. Also included is the decision to go with a tribal dragon look, and it is finished off with a dragon mask, used in place of an actual dragon mask.

Dragon Makeup Tutorial

Tribal Dragon Tutorial

Dragon Mask Face Painting Tutorial

Green Dragon Skull Makeup

With this dragon makeup design we have a twist in that it is a skull of a dragon, not just the dragon face. That's a cool effect for a Halloween party, engaging in the horror aspect of the holiday.

The skull look is achieved by the dark colored eye sockets and the way the teeth are designed. Too bad the eyes weren't completely blackened in, as that would have made it look a lot better than it does with some of the skin color showing through.


Dragon Scale Face Makeup

Here is an awesome look at the scales of a dragon on the face. This was really done well, and has a touch of realism in making the scales shine as if the sun was reflecting off of them.

Because there was no attempt to include teeth or horns in the dragon look, this could also be used for a snake or reptile image as well. All you would have to say is it's the design of reptile skin rather than the scales of a dragon.


Beautiful Dragon Makeup

Now we're taking a different direction with dragon makeup, this one making a powerful statement for the woman wearing it.

The scales of the dragon are wonderfully and simply made, flowing down nicely to the neck and clavicle area of her top. Also looking good is the furrowed forehead, which you have to look at closely to see how it is shaped. Nice job for those wanting a more elegant dragon look.


Dragon Makeup Designs

Including the dragon photos and video tutorials, there are a wide variety of ideas that can be used to create a compelling dragon look for a Halloween party or other costumed event.

It is amazing to see how different a dragon theme can be, based upon personal tastes, and how it can be expressed via a full face, partial face, or characteristics of a dragon used to accentuate a look.

Whatever the personal preference, making yourself up as a dragon is a fantastic choice as a costume.


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