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Have some Party and Go Green!

Updated on April 27, 2010

We must love the earth

Plan your own "Earth Day" celebration party

The Earth Day is coming. Why is this day so special? It is simply because we’re living on Earth and take it only for granted. But, if one day this world is collapsing, who are we going to blame? Yes, we can only blame ourselves. So, to honor our mother earth, there should be a commemoration. And, every 22nd April, we celebrate the “Earth Day”. If celebration means party, then let’s have an eco-friendly party!

First of all, a plan should be make for a party. Since this is an environmentally party, everything from the party invitation to the decoration should be thought carefully because it is not wise to leave much garbage after the party. Forget about balloons and colorful paper. Instead, try to be more creative to do the 3 R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle), or think about something natural and try to make the earth happier by not throwing much trash. Okay, now let’s begin the party!

Party Invitations

The invitation is the most crucial part in the plan. If you use fancy paper with glitters on it for the invitation card, your party is already failed even before it’s started. I mean, you’d better not making any party at all if the invitation itself is not earth friendly. Still having problems deciding for the invitation? Let’s go back to the 3 R. First R is reuse. You can reuse any paper for the invitation. For example, newspaper and any paper or even carton can be used as the invitation. But if there is no paper to be used, you can reduce the usage of the paper itself. Why not using digital invitation? There will be no paper used. But if you have a pile of old newspapers, you can recycle the newspapers and make beautiful invitations from them. Dry leaves or grass can be used as the ornament for the invitations.

Sometimes, you should think outside the box. Why using paper if there are other things that can be used as the invitations? Plastic bottles or unused cans with little paint will do. Beside, both the invitations and the party will be more unforgettable if you prepare them in a unique way. Just let your creativity takes the role.

Party Decorations

After the invitation’s done, now it’s time to think about the decoration. Because this is a green party, the decorations must be green and eco-friendly. Like I said before, forget about balloons and other decoration that cause wastes. Instead, reuse waste as the decorations or even better, don’t use any decoration at all. I mean the earth has given us the best decoration of all, the nature itself. So, you can hold the party in your own backyard or even in a public park.

Other idea for the decoration is to use small plants or seedlings in reused cans or jars. After the party, you can give those plants to the guests so that they can take care of them. So, no more waste right?

Party Activity

There are dozens of ideas for a green party. If you invite children for the party, “hidden treasure” or “scavanger hunt” should do. You can make lists of clues or even a treasure map for the hidden treasure. Of course, the treasure should be recycled material or even a plant. For the adults, “tie and dye” can be fun. For this, you should inform your guests to bring some old white t-shirts for the party. You can provide the colorful dye and some rubber bands for the the “tie and dye”. The guests can tie the t-shirt with rubber bands in anyway the like and then dip the t-shirt into the dye of any color. After the rubber bands are opened, there will be beautiful pattern on the t-shirt.

Food & Beverages

Something that is very important in a party must be the food. For a green party, you can use organic vegetables or meat for the ingredients. For food, I suggest you not to put too many greens. This time, more colorful food is better. This is because the decoration is already green. So, the food should be more colorful to make it stand out. Still, you have to use natural colorings for the food. Instead of using artificial red jelly, you can use beet as the natural coloring. Purple drinks should be great in the sea of green. You can use grape juice with a little soda to enhance the taste for the beverages. But if you want some alcohol, try some exotic organic beer or something like that. Sometimes, simple drink like homemade lemonade could do.

The most important thing is that you should not use disposable utensils and tableware. This is an earth friendly party, so be friendly to the earth by not adding more waste. So, use regular silverware and tablecloth for the guests. Or you can use wide leaves instead of plates, it’s simple, earth-friendly and you don’t have to worry about washing the dishes, right?

Even if the plan above is for the celebration of the “Earth Day”, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a green party to celebrate other special days. Even Christmas can be celebrated by changing the red decorations into green to honour the mother earth. Along with the green decoration, you can put a theme of the party like: “Green is the new Red” or something else like that. I guarantee that the party will be more attractive and unforgettable.


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