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Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

Updated on May 2, 2015

More than Jelly Beans!

Remember the excitement of waking up on Easter morning and finding your basket filled with wonderful candies, stuffed bunnies, and toys?

As we grow, this excitement tends to fade a little bit, then a little more . . . .

This Easter, why not rekindle that special feeling by surprising the special people in your life with an adult Easter basket that you either purchase online or make yourself. If you are feeling inspired, simply switch out the stuffed rabbits and ducks for something more grownup to create a unique-one-of-a-kind gift for that special adult in your life. You can keep the chocolate bunny though!

Here are a few more ideas to help get your creative juices flowing....

Adult Easter Baskets

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Sweets and Treats

It has become tradition for us to include jellybeans, candy eggs, and marshmallow candies in our children's Easter baskets. For adults, you can keep the sweet theme but include more sophisticated goodies, including:

* White chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

* Chocolate-covered coffee beans.

* Flavored coffee or tea.

* Chocolate-covered cherries or pretzels.

* Yogurt-covered raisins.

* Biscotti.

* Gourmet jelly beans. Gimbal's, for instance, offers 41 flavors and uses real fruit juice for intense flavor and a shot of Vitamin C. The Honey Lovers package features 16 flavors, such as Honey Dipped Strawberry, Pomegranate Honey, and Black Cherry Honey; Gimbal's donates 5% of the proceeds to UC Davis's Honey Bee Research Program, so you are giving a double gift.

*'s jellybeans come in great flavors like Pink Cosmo, Mint Mojito, and Lemon Drop. Fill a cocktail glass with a variety.

* Gourmet popcorn (you can make this yourself to save money; Budget101 has some great recipes to help).

* A dessert wine or chocolate wine.

Baskets to hold your goodies.

Easter Feast in a Basket

Originally, Easter baskets were used to carry the fixings for a post-Lenten feast to church for blessing.

You can honor that tradition by preparing all the ingredients your recipient needs for a great meal. An easy one is a pasta dish. You can include a bag of fresh pasta or box of dried pasta, a jar of sauce, a jar of grated Parmesan cheese, baguettes, herb-infused olive oil for dipping, a baked treat for dessert, and a bottle of red wine. Use a stainless steel colander instead of a basket, and you have an incredible gift.

Put together a breakfast gift basket with pancake and waffle mixes in jars, muffin mixes, homemade jams or marmalade, coffee and tea, give various cookie mixes in jars for a dessert basket, or fill a reusable basket with wines, cheese, and bakery-fresh breads. There are no wrongs here; just excellent food!

The Handyman Basket

(idea from eHow)

The Handyman Basket

If you know someone who has just moved into a new home or perhaps a first apartment, give them the gift of DIY. Fill a basket with essentials, such as a small wrench set, screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape, Allen wrench set, multipurpose/utility tool, and a box of nails.

Skip the candy and use the plastic eggs for nuts, bolts, and other small pieces of hardware for household projects. Instead of a basket, you could arrange these in a toolbox - or buy a toolbox that comes stocked.

For the Gardener

Spring has sprung - or if not, it is at least just around the corner.

For the gardener in your life - or anyone who has a lawn that they want to beautify - assemble or buy a gardening basket to celebrate Easter!

This kind of gift typically includes plant pots, peat pellets for starting plants indoors, seeds, gift certificate to local nursery or coupon for some free labor (that means you!), trowel, small shovel, leaf and flower trimmer, twig pruner, spray bottle, and gardening gloves.

Instead of a basket, why not use a ceramic plant pot or watering can that will come in handy later?

Flickr Photo Credit - Anders Adermark
Flickr Photo Credit - Anders Adermark

Spring Basket

Spring means new life; it means new planting; it means fresh fruits and vegetables.

Assemble a fruit gift basket to celebrate warmth, sunshine, and health. Include oranges, grapefruit, apples, grapes, bananas, mangoes, and pomegranates. Branch out to more exotic choices with star fruit, ugly fruit, dragon fruit, kiwano, ackee, mangosteen, or Buddha's Hand. If you can't find these last options in your grocery store, try looking at an online vendor.

Any of these choices will bring a smile to your recipient's face on Easter. They will not only appreciate the thought, they will get back some of that little-kid excitement.

What would you like in your Easter Basket?

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    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 4 years ago

      I love, love, love Easter so my hubby usually puts a little something together for me. Of course, it still has to include some of those traditional candies like the malted Easter eggs and a Cadbury creme egg. Lots of great ideas in this lens!

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

      squid-pinkchic18 4 years ago

      Great ideas here! I'd love the gardening gift basket because we'll probably be starting ours soon (hopefully) if weather cooperates!!