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Easter Basket With Handle

Updated on March 26, 2013

Easter Basket With Handle

If Easter brings to mind an Easter Egg hunt with the kids, you'll probably want each child to have an Easter basket with handle. It makes it easier for them to collect the small chocolate eggs as they find them, and the handle means they can hang the basket over their arm and have both hands free for the egg hunt!

Since most Easter Egg hunts involve several children, you don't want to spend too much on each basket. Fortunately I've found some really nice baskets that cost anything from two or three dollars each.

[Image: Easter Basket with Handle available at Amazon]

Easter Basket With Handle on Amazon

One thing you'll notice about these baskets is they're all beautifully coloured in pastel shades. Nothing dull here that's for sure, and isn't that what we all want at Easter? Even as I write this (on 1st March, when Easter is still a few weeks away) the sun has come out and it feels like Spring isn't far away. Now with some pastel colours and Easter eggs in the shops, these baskets would add a little something extra to the mix, wouldn't they?

One Purple Plastic Easter Basket with Handle, 6" Tall, Just the Purple Basket in Picture
One Purple Plastic Easter Basket with Handle, 6" Tall, Just the Purple Basket in Picture

Prefer plastic to bamboo? No problem - just use this basket instead. Still a nice size and colourful too.


Easter Basket With Handle on eBay

Of course if you're looking for some bargain Easter baskets with handles, eBay is a great place to go. Be warned though, prices for the auctions are likely to rise the closer we get to Easter. Also, it's worth remembering you should allow a little extra time to receive your baskets in the mail just to be on the safe side.

EBay is also a good place to go if you want to buy these baskets in bulk. I've got some amazing deals in the past on all kinds of bulk items, so it is definitely worth a look. Try a few different search terms to find the best baskets you can get.

How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

Have you ever planned an Easter Egg Hunt before? If this year marks your first attempt to do so, this video will help. It's quite light hearted but fairly short and easy to watch. You can take it as a good starting point to organise your own hunt, whether you do it indoors or outdoors.

As such, think of it as a starting point for planning a hunt rather than the be all and end all of it. Remember this is your Easter Egg hunt, so make the most of it and add one or two personal touches and ideas too.

Have your say on Easter Egg hunts!

Do you arrange an Easter Egg hunt for your kids?

A question for Easter

Some people will be dedicated to planning their hunt whatever the weather might bring. Others will be considering staying indoors or having a lazy Easter where an Easter Egg hunt simply doesn't figure. What group do you fall into? How much effort will you be putting in this year?

Would you plan an indoor or outdoor Easter egg hunt?

See results

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    • Magda2012 profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice collections of easter baskets!


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