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Easter Bunny Love

Updated on March 27, 2013

Easter Bunny Love ... Hope Jesus has a Sense of Humor

Easter Bunny love with Easter gifts and baskets,eggs and cunning yellow chicks has been celebrated since the 15th Century. Lets hope Jesus has a sense of humor for there is no mention in the Bible of a long-eared, cotton-tailed Easter Bunny that lays eggs. The Easter tradition of making nests for these egg laying bunnies preceded the Easter baskets of modern day and the eggs were exchanged for treats and candy. But the tradition of coloring Easter eggs has remained. The bright warm colors of the eggs represent Spring and a new beginning. Hmmm, somewhat similar to the resurrection of Jesus?

Images courtesy of Amazon

Bunch of Easter Bunny Love Here!

Easter Shopping
Easter Shopping

Easter Toys for the Bunny Rabbit Generation

Shop Amazon - Gifts for Easter in Toys

Toys & Games Under $10 and Plush Stuffed Animals for the Easter Basket

Children love the Easter Bunny, not just hunting for the egg laying Bunny. Soft stuffed animals are among the favorites at Easter time.

Easter Basket

Lady Bug

A plush Lady Bug to hold the candy and eggs for the Easter Bunny. The Lady Bug basket is 10.7 x 6.1 x 4 inches bright red basket with black spots. Slip some grass in the bottom and the bunny will be set to go. Great for the little ones that don't know bunnies cant lay eggs!

Easter Party Supplies - What do you need to prepare for the Easter Bunny?

Easter treat bags, Dora eggs, napkins with cute little bunnies, treat boxes and more for your kids Easter party.

18-Count Paper Lunch Napkins, Hoppy Bunny
18-Count Paper Lunch Napkins, Hoppy Bunny

Easter Bunny faced napkins. 18 per package. And they are tough napkins. Kids can do a number on most napkins but these hold up to smeared frosting, spilled juice and even a runny nose.

Single Source Party Supplies - 27" Dora The Explorer Easter Egg B185
Single Source Party Supplies - 27" Dora The Explorer Easter Egg B185

Self Sealing Foil Balloon... Dora is everywhere even on an Easter Balloon. She loves the Easter Bunny and makes a great Easter decoration to your Easter party.

12-Count Paper Treat Bags with Seals, Easter Bunny
12-Count Paper Treat Bags with Seals, Easter Bunny

Send them home with their own Easter treat bag...12 count. A kid likes to have his/her own stuff to bring home.

Easter Eggs Fabric Table Runner Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)
Easter Eggs Fabric Table Runner Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Decorate your sofa table with this fabric runner that brightens up the celebration.


The Pagan Holiday of the Easter Bunny - What does a Bunny have to do with Jesus' resurrection?

Easter Bunny Love
Easter Bunny Love

Nothing really. The Easter Bunny was a bribe. History states that at one time the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons worshipped the rabbit. I will never view the rabbit in the same light again. But that is the reason for the Easter Bunny. The Christian celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the dead fell close to the same date. In order to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity and avoid discord, the rabbit was added to the Christian celebration. And now of course it has become a very commercialized holiday.

Do you feel that In this generation, the Easter Bunny is just a harmless fun event for little kids.

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Pin The Tail On The Easter Bunny Game

Up to 12 players

This game is just like the game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" except the kids are trying to stick the Easter Bunny in the butt. The game is made for up to 12 players but as far as I'm concerned, 6 kids is enough. But if you are up for 12, this game will do it. Just pay attention to the age of the children recommended. 5 and up. Many kids younger are afraid to be blind folded and freak out. I know this first hand plus coordination is an issue with the little ones. Other than that, children really love this game, have for years!

Pin the Tail on the Cottontail - Easter Bunny Games

LEGO 40053 Easter Bunny with Basket

Easter Bunny with Basket for 6 years and up. Can't go wrong with Legos. Both boys and girls love them and the traditional Bunny made of Legos is the perfect surprise to leave in any kids Easter basket. Measures 7 x 1 x 8 inches.

Love the Easter Bunny but I'm always finding eggs months after the Holiday - Comments welcomed

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