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Easter day

Updated on April 20, 2010

Approaching one of my favorite holidays - Easter. I am looking forward to it since I was six. There are a lot of stories about this holiday. Christian Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the tradition of celebration is different around the world. Let me briefly tell you how some countries celebrate it. We are painting eggs the day before Eastern and baking kozunaci - in Bulgaria, my own contry. There is one condition for the preparation of kozunaci - they have to be done with love and desire. From here onwards is much easier. I will give you a recipe for a Bulgarian Easter kozunak in another article, now let’s go on with the traditions and gifts of course. That makes Easter my favorite holiday is eggs painting. According to legend Mary Magdalene gave the Roman emperor egg painted in red - a symbol of Christ's blood. Nowadays we are painting eggs in different colors not only in red. In the past there were used plants for painting. Fresh plants give stronger extract and the painting eggs become in brighter colors. Chopped plant is infused in warm water. Mixture boils in enameled dish for 1-2 hours and when the liquid is cool, strain it. Before painting the mixture should be heated then put the the eggs in it for 5 minutes .

Parsley paints in yellow, flakes red onion – red, onions - orange, nettle - green, red beets - in light red to claret (a piece of beet boil 15 minutes in a half liter of water, in this water the eggs should boil for another 10 minutes), spring crocus paints in dark yellow, Marigold - bright orange. Vinegar in the painting refreshes paints. This is an ancient way for painting, of course you can use paints bought from the store. Once the eggs are boiled you can start the painting. It is good for children to participate in this tradition – this is funny and attractive. There is a special way for painting that make eggs more attractive than others. You should put a leaf over the egg, wrap the egg in cloth and then soak the egg in the paint. After removing the cloth and the leaf from the egg a white spot appears over the paint egg – it makes the egg original. You can make your dreams real. In the Easter mornig we congratulate each other with words "Christ is risen” and the response is “really rose.” And then comes the funny part. Everyone choose a paint egg. May be you are wondering why? It is a tradition for health: One holds his egg on one side and knocks on the other egg o n the same side. The egg which is not broken is the winner – his owner will be health the whole year. And the egg winner of all battles makes his owner health champion of the year.

As I grew up I found out there are some other traditions. Colored eggs are hidden from children. They should find them in the Easter mornig. This is the beginning of hunting for Easter eggs. Once I tried this tradition with my nephews. Kids had great fun and screamed with joy the whole day. The game becomes more interesting if there are hidden tips and question-marks given as a list to the children before hunting.

On the second day of Easter, according to Western tradition, it’s time for rolling eggs. Children in Britain and Germany play a game: rolling eggs against each other or on hill. The egg, which stands the longest time unbroken win, and his owner will be health for whole year. After 1878 every year children in Washington are invited to roll eggs on the lawn in front of the White House. I will try this game with the kids this Easter. The next day you can take a few eggs with you in school or in the office and have fight with classmates or colleagues; the game with eggs continued all the day. There are Kozunak (Easter bread), eggs and lamb as a symbol of Christ on the Easter table. My greatest pleasure on that day are the new clothes. The year should be started with new clothes. Did I miss something?

Absolutely - decoration. There were baskets with candy and other delicious staf everywhere. We haven’t tradition connected with rabbits in Bulgaria, but we have other. At midnight before Easter morning we are walking round Orthodox Church with a lighted candle in hand. Rabbit enters our homes I the form of chocolate rabbits. Bulgaria celebrate Easter on 4 april this year. This holyday is celebration for children all over the World.

There are special containers made for eggs. The first painted egg should be in red. It is a symbol of health. The children’s forhead and cheeks should be rubt with the red egg. Leave aside from the others eggs and be replaced by last year egg. This egg should stay in the house as a symbol of health, joy and happiness of home.

There is a special hand made Table cloth for Easter, in the middle of the table there is candleholder with burning candle.

There are several tradition in other countries that would be interesting for children. In Sweden, for example week before the holiday children and teachers retail the story about the resurrection of Christ. People decorate their homes in yellow, green and white. People decorate their homes with colored feathers chicken figures. Also there are cardboard paschal eggs, with large candy. Typical for Scandinavian countries is Easter witch, that flies in the skies on their broom, with a shiny teapot in hand to welcome all holiday. Does it remind you about Halloween? There are a lot of traditions in Germany as well. A great paschal fire is set in Saturday night. It gather s around a lot of people - this is a symbol of the end of winter and burns all evil thoughts. The next morning the whole family gathers for breakfast. Parents hide basket with cookies. After breakfast, they tell the kids: Easter rabbit brought to your basket and you should find it. Kids seek around the house and this is the funniest moment in the Easter day. In America everyone should have new clothes. If a person has no money he should buy at least a new gloves. Children receive a basket full of chocolates and sweets. A very popular game Is - roll eggs on an inclined hill. The biggest competition take place on the lawn in front of the White House. Hundreds of children arrive there with baskets full of colored eggs. All this shows that Easter is a celebrated all over the world. I will try some of the foreign traditions this year. Would you like to try them as well.

Photo is used by Creative Commons of stsaling.


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