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The Easter Egg Hunt Has Christian Roots

Updated on May 9, 2013

Hide Something Other Than Just Eggs or Chocolate Bunnies This Year

I can remember that as a child, I loved the Easter Egg Hunt. My sister and I would wear our new Easter clothes and we would go to church. When we got home, we knew that the Easter Bunny had placed his eggs and candy for us. I have some home videos of these hunts.

I do remember, as a child, that I would eventually have to eat the eggs but as a kid, we focused on the chocolate, of course. Some of the eggs would eventually end up in egg salad or other items. I do remember taking them to school in my school lunch and when peeling them, the design always bled through to the egg itself making the whites blue, red and even yellow.

Today, to keep the Easter Egg Hunt interesting, there are numerous other things that can be hidden within the eggs or as bonuses. These little toys and gifts are sure to keep a child happy well into Easter evening and beyond.

Please browse this site. It not only includes the toys that can be purchased but also has some interesting history of the Easter Egg and Easter Egg Hunts and meanings associated with them. I have included some historic video from the 1960's of vintage hunts and some modern photos of military family children during an Easter Egg Hunt.

Please enjoy and leave some comments at the bottom!

Thanks for visiting!

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"Hey, this egg doesn't have hair on it's head either!"

"Hey, this egg doesn't have hair on it's head either!"
"Hey, this egg doesn't have hair on it's head either!"

The Easter Egg & Easter Egg Hunt

Christian or Pagan?

S ome believe that the Easter Egg is is primarily Pagan, however, the egg is seen by Christians, as a symbol of resurrection. When it is not hatched, it is a new life sealed within it.

Hiding the Easter eggs and the Easter Egg Hunt was started by Christians hundreds of years ago. The egg is hidden to symbolize Christ's trials and the stations of the cross. An especially difficult place to hide an egg was in a bush of thorns, symbolizing Christ's crown of thorns.

In some Christian Orthodox religions and in Eastern Catholic Churches in Eastern Europe, the eggs are dyed red to symbolize Christ's blood on the Cross. The hard shell symbolizes the the sealed tomb of Jesus Christ. The cracking of the egg (tomb), symbolizes his resurrection. Easter baskets are brought to church filled with eggs and food.

In Roman Catholic Poland, blessing baskets are given and eggs are included. In some Christian Orthodox religions, eggs are brought to the cemetery to symbolize that Christ has risen and hopefully that message will be given to the dearly departed.

Mary Magdalene, who was a follower of Jesus, was told to have brought the message of "Christ has Risen" to the Roman Emperor. He stated that Christ had no more risen than the egg on his desk was red. Legend says that the egg miraculously turned red. In an associated legend, Mary brought eggs to share with the others at the tomb of Jesus and these also miraculously turned red.

Decorated eggs came much later as part of tradition.

Easter Egg Hunt Barbie and Kelly

Easter Egg Hunt Barbie & Kelly
Easter Egg Hunt Barbie & Kelly

No, this is not tattooed Barbie, but it is Easter Barbie and Kelly. I don't think this is Kelly Ripa either. What a great gift for your child who wants that special Easter surprise and is a lover of Barbie.

You can't pass this one up!


1962 Easter Egg Hunt Home Movie - I love these old films!

Jesus Has Risen!

Talking Easter Eggs!

I've heard of the Annoying Orange, here is the Easter version. I am not sure how annoying these are but if you got a bunch of them, they may be more annoying.

It would be fun to put a bunch of these on your counters and let them talk to you or just hide them in the yard, but tell the kids to keep them in their rooms!

"Where's the chocolate one?"

"Where's the chocolate one?"
"Where's the chocolate one?"

Did you know that there are "beeping" Easter Eggs for the Visually Impaired?

egg hunt
egg hunt
empty tomb
empty tomb

Matchbox Cars in Easter Eggs

Matchbox Egg Hunt - Includes 3 Mystery Vehicles in Plastic Eggs
Matchbox Egg Hunt - Includes 3 Mystery Vehicles in Plastic Eggs

What a combination! I loved these things when I was a kid. You can even get these for Hot Wheels through the same link. If I were a kid, I would like these. I would probably open them and be out in the dirt playing with the ones I had found before finishing the hunt.


"I can't hear you Mom! I'm busy!"

"I can't hear you Mom! I'm busy!"
"I can't hear you Mom! I'm busy!"

This Bird's Nest is a quick, easy and fun recipe that you can make with your kids for Easter and it tastes great!

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 5 min
Ready in: 10 min
Yields: 4


  • 1 Package of Lo-Mein Noodles
  • 1 package of chocolate chips
  • 1 package of Peanut M&M's


  1. Spread the Lo-Mein Noodles out on a serving tray.
  2. Melt the chocolate chips in a small sauce pan
  3. Poor the melted chocolate over the Lo-Mein noodles
  4. Let the noodles cool and then put Peanut M&M's in the nest as "eggs"
Cast your vote for Tasty Chocolate Bird's Nest Recipe that Kids Can Make!

Noah's Ark 30 Candy Filled Eggs

Noah's Ark Easter Egg Hunt 30 Candy Filled Plastic Eggs
Noah's Ark Easter Egg Hunt 30 Candy Filled Plastic Eggs

The lazy man's way...or should I say for those that are "time challenged." C'mon Dad, if you don't have the time to fill these, what better way to have them ready for Easter?

Just kidding of course, I would buy these for myself just to see what surprises lay in wait.


"I hope there's no Easter Bear out here!"

"I hope there's no Easter Bear out here!"
"I hope there's no Easter Bear out here!"

1961 Easter Egg Hunt Home Movie

Jesus Loves Me Lamb

Melissa & Doug Jesus Loves Me Lamb - Stuffed Animal With Sound Effects
Melissa & Doug Jesus Loves Me Lamb - Stuffed Animal With Sound Effects

Cuddly and inviting, this lamb symbolizes the Lamb of God and his one plays "Jesus Loves Me" when the hands are pressed together. I think this is one of the best gifts for the little tyke who is either having their first Easter or who loves stuffed animals.

Very cuddly and soft, a winner!


Are You Putting on an Easter Egg Hunt This Year? - I Would Love to Hear About It!

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      5 years ago

      Easter egg hunt is fun not only for the kids but for the whole family.


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