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Easter Party Games For Kids

Updated on December 31, 2016

Easter Party Games - Printable Games For Kids

Easter Party Games are a very important part of a kids party and I've found plenty of games for you to choose from. From the ever popular Easter Egg Hunt to Egg Rolling to The Easter Bunny Hop to Printable Games like Easter Trivia to Easter Bible Trivia to Easter Bible Scavenger can find more than enough fun party games for your holiday gathering.

Find out how to plan an Easter Egg Hunt...that's the most popular game at an Easter party. It's simple to plan, inexpensive to buy supplies for and fun, fun, fun to play. Make sure to have your camera ready when you play any of these super fun for kids Easter party games!

Fun Printable Easter Games For Kids

What's In The Easter Game Package?

This fun printable game package includes the following games for kids:

  • Easter Bible Characters Match
  • Easter Bible Scavenger Hunt
  • Easter Bible Trivia I
  • Easter Bible Trivia II
  • Easter: Bunny Tail Tale Left-Right
  • Easter Egg Facts Trivia Game
  • EGGS-acting Easter Crossword
  • Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
  • Famous Rabbits Trivia
  • Find Your Other Half Easter Egg
  • Left-Right Bible Easter Game
  • Right- Left Easter Egg Hunt Game
  • Easter Trivia Game
  • Easter Word Search

Now For Some Free, Printable Easter Games For The Kids

You can choose to buy a printable game package for your Easter celebration or you can print out some free game ideas like the ones below. I've searched high and low on the internet to find you lots of different fun games you can print out yourself. Pick one or pick them's up to you.

The Printable Easter Egg Race Game

This is a printable board game for your kids. You can print the board game out onto card or stock paper so it's sturdy. Find little game pieces to use for each child - you can cut out a circle in cardboard and put an Easter sticker on it to make one. And you will need one or two dice.

Of course, as with most board games, the goal is to make it around the board first. Roll the dice and move around the board. There is a sneaky little trick with this board game. If you roll the number 1, 4, 5 or 6, you can move forward on the board. If you roll a 2 or a 3, you must move backwards. If you are using two dice double those numbers to make it more interesting.

Easter Egg Race Game


Easter Party Games For Kids

Here are some great game ideas for Easter this year. These games are perfect for a kid's Easter party or your Easter Day family dinner celebration. They are kids games and they are fun and easy. These games will keep your kids, and your guests, in a great holiday mood with lots of laughter. Here are some great ideas for you:

  • Do The Bunny Hop! It's A Great Dance For An Easter Party.
  • Pin The Tail On The Easter Bunny - Use a picture of an Easter Bunny and get the kids to stick a cotton ball or pom pom (or Bunny tail as it's called for this game) on the Rabbit. Just think of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a Bunny!
  • Count The Jelly Beans - Fill A Jar Up With Jelly Beans ... Count those jelly beans first, then let the kids guess how many candies are in the jar. The child who guesses the closest number wins..
  • The Hot Egg Game - It's Like Hot Potato With A Hard Boiled Egg! This egg game is just like that classic party game, Hot Potato. Use a dyed hard boiled egg or one of those colorful plastic eggs and let the kids pass it to music.
  • The Easter Egg-Citing Egg And Spoon Race - What's so egg-citing about the egg and spoon race game? It's an old time favorite game that's tons of fun for kids and adults alike, in other words, it's one of the real traditional Easter egg games. Form two teams and plan a race course with a mid-point. Each team member must balance an egg on a spoon, walk or run as fast as they can to the mid-point, circle it and head back to hand off the spoon and egg to the next player.

How To Play The Big Egg Game

The Big Egg Game found at Activity Village is easy to prepare for the kids to play. You print out 12 eggs and cut them out. Each egg is then cut in half and you hide each peach. The kids must search out the eggs. It's a paper Easter egg hunt! Every child who finds both halves to an egg gets 3 points. If they find a half of an egg picture they get 1 point. The one who gets the most points is the winner. This site is a big help with printable game ideas and money saving tips. They suggest you laminate your egg halves so you can reuse them. The kids will love this game Here's where to find your Easter Egg Template.

Big Egg Game


Printable Easter Games Word Search Word List

Look at the list of words in this Easter word search puzzle. Everyone has something to do with Easter and the kids are going to love finding words like: Easter, Bunny, Basket, Egg, Chocolate, Jellybean, Chicks and more. They can also color in the pictures of the decorated eggs and the Easter Bunny on this page to make it a double treat.

Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle


Fun, Free Printable Easter Bingo For Kids

Bingo is a classic party game that is always fun to play. It's even better when it's free! (At least for Moms) To play this game you must have a caller. That's the person who calls out the names of the pictures on the board. You also need markers - markers mark the spots that the caller has called. You can use buttons or pennies to mark the spots on each board or regular bingo chips if you happen to have some.

The goal of bingo is to complete a line with markers. The picture under each marker must have been called or it's not a completed line.

Printable Easter Bingo Game


The Easter Egg Hunt Is Easy And Lots Of Fun

An Easter Egg Hunt is always a big hit at our house. We fill plastic eggs with candies and toys, hide them all over the yard, and let the kids seek them out. We give each child a plastic basket to put their eggs in. It's always a huge success with the kids and it's a great activity to take pictures of. Adults thrill in watching their children gathering up lots of eggs!

Printable Easter Word Scramble

Can you figure out what word is hidden in those mixed up letters? Kids will enjoy unscrambling these letters to make holiday words. There are words like: Bunny, Chick, Dyed, Candy, Marshmallow, Eggs...and more for your kids to find. They will enjoy playing this fun game, and of course, it's free and printable. That means it's easy for you Mom.

Easter Word Scramble Game For Kids - Print It Out For Free


Easter Printable Fun Learning Package

In this printable package from Mama's Learning Center you will find 8 free, printable Easter pages to help your child learn while they are playing. Now that's just plain smart! This package includes:

  • Patterns - What Comes Next
  • Beginning Sounds
  • An Easter Word Search Puzzle
  • Easter Fill In The Blanks
  • What's The Missing Vowel (Figure Out The Missing Letter)
  • Spring Scissor Skills

Easter Printable Game Pack


Hidden Picture Games For Your Child On Easter

Finding hidden pictures inside bigger pictures is fun stuff for kids and for adults - (remember Find The Panda hidden in the picture of snowmen or Find The Cat in a picture full of owls? These pictures drawn by Gergely Dudás went viral over the Christmas holiday and they were lots of fun ... for adults! Be sure to check them out when you get a chance.)

On this site you can find lots of fun hidden picture printables

Printable Easter Egg Hunt Puzzle


Easter Bunny Hidden Picture Fun For Kids

Here's another fun printable for you to entertain and treat your kids to. It's from TopsyTurvyTime and it's a picture of the Easter Bunny getting those eggs ready to deliver to kids around the world. But in this big picture there are smaller pictures waiting to be found.

Easter Bunny Hidden Picture Find Puzzle


How Many Eggs Can You Count?

Here is another educational, but fun, printable Easter game for kids to play. How many eggs do you count? How many eggs of each design do you count? And of course, then your kids can color these pages too.

How Many Easter Eggs Can You Count


Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Another free printable, these Easter coloring pages can provide great fun for your children. Kids (and adults) love to color. I enjoy coloring with soft pencils, while my kids like to color with crayons and markers. These free printables are just what you need to enjoy some relaxing and fun time with your kids at Easter time.

Free Easter Coloring Pages To Print


Beautiful Easter Egg Banner Decoration Ideas

Free Easter Egg Banner

Here's an easy to make Easter Egg Banner you can craft with your kids. It is the perfect decoration to hang in your home on Easter Sunday. To make this DIY banner you will need:

  • The printable pattern
  • Book Pages
  • Colored Paper Scraps
  • Twine Or Yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun And Glue
  • Scissors
  • A Pencil
  • An Ink Pad Is Optional

Make An Easter Bunny Mask

Easy Easter Crafts: Cute Easter Bunny Craft for Kids | DIY Easter Fun


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