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Easter Symbols and Celebrations

Updated on March 27, 2013

Easter Traditions and Celebrations

Easter now commonly thought of as a Christian holiday, actually has its origins from pre-Christian pagan cultural tradition.

Easter is thought to be named after "Eostre", or "Eastre".a Germanic mother goddess of spring, re-birth and fertility. Eostre's festival was celebrated on the spring equinox and highlighted symbols of fertility such as rabbits and eggs. Easter eggs were painted in bright colors to represent the colors of spring.

Christian Easter:

Early Christians replaced the pagan festival with Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is now a "moveable feast" that is celebrated on the Sunday following the spring equinox between March 22 and April 25.

Source: Funk & Wagnalls® New Encyclopedia. © 2005 World Almanac

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The Easter Tree

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Craft Outlet Papier Mache Egg Flower with Pot Figurine, 18-Inch

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The History Behind Common Easter Symbols

The Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny

The rabbit, or hare, was a thought to be a fertile companion to the pagan goddess "Eostre" (or "Ostara").

German settlers in America are also said to have brought over the tradition of a bunny named "Oschter Haws" who visited houses the night before Easter and left colored eggs for the children.

Easter Eggs

"Omne vivum ex ovo". Meaning "all life comes from an egg". - Latin proverb

Across the world there are myths that claim that our universe was created out of an egg. Thus, it is not unusual that in almost all ancient cultures, eggs are held as a symbol of life.

At the Passover, "Seder", a hard-boiled egg dipped in salt water, symbolizes both new life and the Passover sacrifice offered at the Temple in Jerusalem.

In Christianity, coloring the last of a household's eggs may have celebrated the beginning of the Easter season. This tradition began in medieval Europe prior to Lent's forty day fast that forbade the eating of eggs.

One myth claims that any eggs laid on a Good Friday, would have their yolks turn to diamonds after one hundred years. Another legend says that If eggs collected on Good Friday were cooked on Easter Sunday, they would promote the growth of trees and crops. And, it was once thought that you would become rich if you found two yolks in an Easter egg.

Religious Easter Symbols - Lilies, The Lamb, The Cross, Butterfly

Easter Lilies- The white blossoms of the Lilly symbolize the purity of Jesus Christ. The emergence of lilies in the spring, also symbolized new life and the resurrection of Christ.

In Roman myth, white Lilies represents the queen of gods, Juno. It is said that when Queen Juno was feeding baby Hercules,drops of her milk fell from the sky to form both the Milky Way and white lilies.

The Lamb - The Lamb is the oldest of the Easter symbols, and was originally offered as a gift to the Gods. In Christian tradition, the Easter lamb stands as a symbol of God sacrificing His only son "the Lamb of God".

The Cross - The Cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, reminding us of the sacrifice He made for the sins of man. An empty Cross, on the other hand, symbolizes Jesus' victory over death, indicative of the resurrection. Thus the Easter Cross is a sacred symbol of faith, representing both the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ.

The Butterfly - is a significant symbol of Easter. It's whole life cycle is meant to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ. In the first stage, the caterpillar; stands for "His life on Earth". The second phase begins from the cocoon stage; portraying the "Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus". The third and final stage, is the complete Butterfly; representing "His Rising from the Dead and New Life".

Jim Shore Easter Angel - He Is Risen

He Is Risen
He Is Risen

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