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Easy Diy Christmas Gifts for Friends

Updated on July 26, 2016

Some Friends Crayon Canvas

This is a super cute and inexpensive idea that can be given to friends and colleagues alike. Simply purchase a canvas and crayons at your local dollar store. Write your heartfelt message, hot glue crayons on and use a hairdryer to melt them . Once the melted look you desire is achieved, stick some cute photographs on top.

For Your Mitstletoes

This is such a cute and cozy gift to give to friends and family. If you are short on cash this is the prefect way to share the love. Pick up some socks at the store - multipacks work best and cheapest if you have to give to a few people. Make the label from cardstock and sharpies.

French Fry Boxes

Why not treat your friend to some of their favorite candy displayed in a cute Christmas French Fry Box? Or better yet, you could invite them over for lunch and use these to present their fries in.

Personalized Decorations

Got some felt lying around the house from your last crafting project? Put it to good use by making some personalized decorations for your friends tree - or if you are feeling more adventurous , why not make a little stocking complete with their initials.

Harry Potter Coasters

These can be adapted to any theme that your friend likes for example Batman. If you have tiles lying around that you don't use, you can simply paint them with paints from your local craft store - crests are a great idea and can be easily replicated by looking at pictures on the internet.


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