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Easy Homemade Costumes

Updated on March 3, 2014

Make an easy homemade Halloween Costume

Do you need an idea for an easy, homemade Costume? Do you want to learn how to make your own disguise without a lot of trouble? I have made some that were very simple and I have made some that were very complex. If you don't have much time, you can use some of the simple ideas below to make your own Halloween costume. Or get a pattern and you can sew one. Either way, you will have a great costume!

Make your own Batman Outfit

(Pictured above)

A homemade Batman outfit is simple to make! Start with black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt. Get some yellow and black felt. Cut an oval from yellow felt and then cut a batman logo shape from the black felt. Hot glue the bat logo onto the yellow oval and hot glue the yellow oval onto the chest of the black sweatshirt. (If you want to re-use the sweatshirt, you can pin it on.) Now make a long strip of yellow felt or fun foam to go around the waist. Cut another black bat logo and glue it to the middle of the strip. Pin the strip together at the back of the waist. For the cape, I used about a yard of sheer black material and tied it around the neck. Wear black gloves. If you want to embellish the sleeves, you can cut black fun foam to make sleeve guards too. Your batman can go as is, or you can purchase a batman mask to wear with your costume. My kids liked this one so much, one year I had 2 batmen!

Get a Batman Mask!

My boys used this mask for Halloween. Then they used it almost daily for many, many days afterwards. In fact I often see Batman around our house. Who knew a simple Batman mask could bring hours of fun!

Make a homemade farmer or cowboy!

Perfect for toddlers and older kids too!

You don't need much to turn your little ones into cowboys or farmers. Simply use a pair of jeans or bib overalls, and tie a handkerchief around the neck backwards. Add a straw hat (and a gun for a cowboy) and you have an instant costume! When my boys were little, they loved to dress like this year round!

Get a cowboy hat!

Again, once you have kids in the house, you will find that hats, masks and other dress up items are not just for Halloween anymore. Now you can have many days playing Cowboys and Indians. Or get your little farmers to help in the garden. They can dress the part with these fun hats!

How about an Indian?

Here's another no-sew costume. Get a large tan or brown t-shirt and fringe the bottom. Wear this with khaki pants. Cut a strip of tan or brown felt to fit around the head. (I used hot glue to make my headband.) Hot glue some feathers to the back of the headband on the inside of the band. You can add some face "war" paint if you would like to. Viola! Instant Indian!

Make or Buy?

Do you make or buy your costurmes?

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Make a homemade Pilgrim Costume - This one was made with Simplcity Pattern 3725

I'm not a fabulous seamstress, but even I could make an adorable pilgrim costume with this simplicity pattern (sold below). My daughter wore this one for Halloween, for Thanksgiving and for dress up on many, many days. The pattern comes with 4 different costumes and is well worth it.

What was your best costume? - Or maybe you don't wear one?

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    • LornsA178 profile image

      LornsA178 5 years ago

      What a great idea, making homemade costumes for your kids. The no-sew indian costume is my favorite - I not good in sewing. Love the Pilgrim's too. Thanks!