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Easy Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume

Updated on February 6, 2017
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Creating a Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume is Easy

For the past few years, I have learned a great deal about Minecraft. My knowledge hasn't come from actually playing the game, but from my 10-year-old daughter that is obsessed with the pixelated world. In the past few months, we have made pixelated Valentine's cards for her class, packed mining-inspired treat bags, created countless homemade creeper heads, and I even slaved over a homemade, pixelated creeper birthday cake. So, if this obsession continues, which I'm sure it will, I can pretty much guess what she wants to be for trick-or-treat this year.

Hot Halloween Costume Idea

Minecraft is super hot right now and has been for some time. Although I don't quite understand what the huge attraction is to the game, I appreciate that my daughter, her friends, my nieces and nephews, and even some grown-ups I know are totally obsessed with everything about this game. For this reason, Minecraft is sure to be a popular Halloween theme this year. In addition to my daughter, there are sure to be tons of similar costumes roaming the streets during trick-or-treat. While many gamers are sure to dress as a creeper, you will probably attract more attention and gaming credibility if you dress as Steve, the game's avatar.

A Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume is Easy to Create

Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to create a Minecraft Steve Halloween costume. First, to create the perfect look, you need the square, pixelated head. This head measures 12X12 and features the likeness of the game's avatar. Once you have the head, you are pretty much set. Simply, grab a light blue shirt and dark blue pants and you have captured Steve's simple essence. If you really want to impress, make sure to get a pixelated diamond sword too!

Minecraft Halloween Costumes are Perfect for Groups

While you should only have one avatar in a group, you can easily create a Minecraft group costume following the same guidelines above, but substituting for the appropriate head and attire. In addition to Steve, your group can add endermans, zombies, skeletons, a Herobrine, zombie pigmen, and creepers, of course. Impress your friends and have fun this year with an easy Minecraft Steve Halloween costume.

Lots of Easy Minecraft Halloween Costumes

One of the many reasons so many parents like Minecraft is because of its simplicity, this is the same reason making costumes is so easy!

Get more Minecraft-inspired Halloween Ideas in these YouTube videos!

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Love the Minecraft Steve Costume Idea?

Thanks for stopping by my Easy Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume idea! I'd love to know you were here and if you have ever dressed or dressed a trick or treater in any of the costumes mentioned above, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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