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Easy to Make Haunted House Props

Updated on April 12, 2016

Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious, and Spooky

Do you want to turn your house or yard into a haunted house for Halloween? It is simple to do without spending much money.

Stock up on black trash bags and get ready to transform your place into a spooky haunt with booby traps, props, and decorations. Find out how to make swamps, bug traps, fake poop, slime spills, and more.

Fake Poop
Fake Poop

Fake Poop

Want to make a gross prop? Whip up a batch of fake poop using chocolate pudding and a sponge. Get a couple of thick sponges. The kind with the Swiss cheese-like holes look the most realistic. Cut the sponge lengthwise into about three long strips. Trim the ends so they are triangular.

Cook chocolate pudding following the instructions on the box. Find a container for the poop. Pour in the chocolate pudding. Dip the sponges in it so the sponge is completely covered in the chocolate pudding. Strategically place the poop so that it will disgust your guests.

Crushing Bugs Prop
Crushing Bugs Prop

Walking on Bugs

Make your guests feel like they are walking on bugs. All you need is bubble wrap, black trash bags, and fake bugs. The prop will work best if you make it in an area people will have to walk through. If you put it in the middle of a big room, people will just walk around it. The best place to put the prop would be a hallway or in a doorway.

First, lay the bubble wrap on the ground. Rolls of bubble wrap can be purchased for about $5. Make the prop about five to ten feet wide. Then lay the trash bags on top of the bubble wrap to disguise what it is. You can cut the trash bags along the seams so they will cover more. Tape the edges down so that the trash bags won't slide when people walk on them. Then cover the trash bags and the edges with the fake bugs.

Wait for someone to step onto the prop and then yell, "Bugs!" Easily frightened people will usually start moving quicker causing the bubble wrap to pop more.

Shredded Black Trash Bags Hanging from the Ceiling
Shredded Black Trash Bags Hanging from the Ceiling

Darkened Doorway and Other Decorative Uses for Trashbags

Cover the top of your doorway with a black trash bag that has been frayed at the edges. Put a split in the middle so guests can walk through more easily. The blackened doorway will set a creepy mood before the guests even enter the room.

Pieces of shredded trash bags can also be stapled to the ceiling, hung from plants and furniture, or taped to the walls to set a dark atmosphere. Black trash bags are a cheap, but effective way to decorate for Halloween.

Falling Eyeballs

This is the classic rigged door prank only this time with a Halloween theme. Get a bunch of fake eyeballs or make your own using Styrofoam balls or ping pong balls. If you are making your own, draw the eye on and put red lines for the blood vessels. Put the eyeballs in a bowl. Set the bowl of eyeballs on the top of a door balanced against the door frame leaving the door slightly cracked. When someone opens the door, the eyeballs will fall and roll all over the place. You could also substitute a bowl of bugs or spiders instead of eyeballs.

Backyard Haunted House

Video with great tips for turning your yard into a scary haunted house.

Great Haunted House Prop!

Make gross body part feely boxes for trick or treaters. Easy to make and uses simple ingredients.

Halloween Poll

What is the creepiest Halloween prop?

See results


Send your guests on a romp through a swamp. First lay a tarp or some black trash bags on the ground. Fill a kiddie pool an inch or two with water. Wading pools work best. If you can't find a kiddie pool, you can just pour a layer of water on the top. Cover all of it with black trash bags or a black, brown, or green tarp. Tape a sign beside of it that says "Swamp." When people walk over it, it will feel squishy under their feet.

DIY Monster in a Box

Spider Web Booby Trap

One of the ickiest feelings is to walk through a spider web, especially when it gets stuck to you. Strategically place fake spider webs so that your victims, er, I mean guests, will walk into them. You can also hang pieces of thread from the ceiling or in doorways. It will also feel like you have walked through a spider web. Hang it so that it is at face level for the best ick response.

Mad Science Laboratory

Turn your house or your yard into a mad scientist's laboratory. Put beakers and test tubes everywhere. Drop a few pieces of dry ice and some colored water in the test tubes to look like bubbling experiments. Measuring cups, thermometers, and timers also make good mad science props. Put creepy looking things in jars to look like specimen that have been collected. Creatures that expand in water work great for this. Don't forget to wear a lab coat and safety goggles. Rubber gloves are also a must.

What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      interesting idea, thanks for sharing this

    • MadScience profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Bacon 

      7 years ago from Mad Laboratories

      @DesignZeal: Halloween definitely needs a yuck factor. Thanks!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very creepy and cool (and appropriately yucky - the poop :)

    • MadScience profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Bacon 

      7 years ago from Mad Laboratories

      @ScareYouDiva: Imagine finding it on the kitchen floor. That would be a gross out. Happy Halloween!

    • ScareYouDiva profile image


      7 years ago

      I agree. The fake poop is probably the creepiest thing I've seen.

    • MadScience profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Bacon 

      7 years ago from Mad Laboratories

      @kidgrifter1: I have a picture from last Halloween where I am pretending to eat the poop. Now that's disturbing.

    • kidgrifter1 profile image


      7 years ago

      The fake poop was awesome. And disturbing at the same time...

    • MadScience profile imageAUTHOR

      Candace Bacon 

      7 years ago from Mad Laboratories

      @Virginia Allain: Thanks! I will have to check out that lens before Halloween.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      7 years ago from Central Florida

      Fun ideas, I'm adding your lens to my 101 Ideas for a Haunted House.


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