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Edward Scissorhands Costume for Women

Updated on July 3, 2013

Scissors for the lady

I am a fan of Tim Burton, I became a fan even before I knew I was a fan of him. I saw this movie when I was a kid and although I did find some parts a little bit creepy, it was instant love. I felt for Edward, I couldn't understand how people can be that mean with him. To some extent I could relate to him as I too, was a bit different and was teased (which in retrospect isn't a bad thing if it's moderate as chances are a person that is teased grows up more open hearted).

While he was a male there's nothing wrong with going for Edward Scissorhands costume for women, it looks as awesome as the male one does look a little bit more sexy)

You can get the whole womens costume or you can get the pieces missing to complete your look - wig, scissor gloves, or make up (either by getting the make up kit or by watching the Edward Scissorhands women's make up tutorial). You could naturally try to make this costume by yourself and I will try to give as much guidance as possible. I have a new addiction DIY costumes so I'll be throwing things together to try this look.

Enjoy being this dark character with a sexy twist for this Halloween!

Photos on this page are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Me As Edward - My homemade creation

Striking a pose. I really like how this picture turned out considering I took the photo with auto timer - 10 sec - setting the camera, click and run =).

Tips and Tricks

Bring everything black to the table - dresses (if you have a leather one it will be perfect), high heels, belts (a must), leg warmers...

For my costume I used a short black (fake) leather dress, a puffed skirt I ordered from China for pennies, lots of belts, leg warmers and Converse looking high heels which I have from high school and just can't throw them away as they are perfect for dress up parties as they match so many costumes.

Pants would also look great, but I do prefer the skirt as it is way more dramatic.

I made my own gloves (well only one as I like to have one hand free). I cut out knife and scissor shapes out of cardboard and sewn them to the glove (you can also use duct tape - it works).

Edward Scissorhands costume for Women

It looks stunning (I will try to replicate this look)

Get all that you need for your Edward Scissorhands look. By getting this costume you will get a dress with attached sleeves, gloves with scissors, messy hairstyle wig, choker and belt (boots and socks are not included). Costume is made out of faux leather/polyester (spot clean).

I loved the movie and since I saw it I became a Tim Burton fan and even though I absolutely adore Edward I do think that the female version of the costume is far better looking.


Edward Scissorhands Gloves

If you already have the costume and just need the scissor hands (and don't want to create a lethal weapon out of real scissors) you will need these cool gloves. Perfect prop if you are already rocking the goth wardrobe.

Rubie's Costume Men's Edward Scissorhands Deluxe Glove Set, Multicolor, One Size
Rubie's Costume Men's Edward Scissorhands Deluxe Glove Set, Multicolor, One Size

You should take in consideration these are a "one size" gloves and are not made especially for women so if yo have tinier hands I wouldn't get these. It's do it yourself for you then.


Edward Scissorhands Wig

If you are like me you probably will not be needing a wig. I love to mess with my hair and as I have been both Edward and something that can be best described as a zombie hitting the electric fence it is fair to say I can do messy hair. If you decide to make your own doo. If you have willing hair you can use super strong hail gels which you can find at stores. As an alternative you can use hard soap or eggs.

Or you can buy the wig.

Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume Wig, Black, One Size
Edward Scissorhands Adult Costume Wig, Black, One Size

Can't get your hair standing up? I know the feeling. I am the master of my hair now as I found that work for me (there aren't many) but before that I couldn't get my hair to stand up no matter what (curls were out of question too) no matter what I did. Wig is without a doubt the easy way out. Also works great if you have short hair or blonde hair naturally.


Make Up Tutorial

This tutorial is awesome.


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