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Eggs and Gifts that Celebrate Easter

Updated on May 7, 2015

What do Easter Eggs Symbolise?

There is no doubt that easter eggs symbolise fertility but why and why at this time of year? My research took me back to the times when the sun was supreme god of all the earth and of all life on it. Without the sun all things died, as apparently was the case in winter. When the sun returned in Spring life returned and the earth flourished.

This time was noted to occur at Equinox on 25th March, in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun was called the 'Eye Star' and when she reappeared it was called after her. Thus, i-star' gave rise to 'easter'. As the producer of life it had a female persona and was worshipped as the Mother God of antiquity. She had a lot of names associated with it such as ;'Astar', Astareth, and so on.

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Mother God Symbolised in Easter Eggs

The sun is a large yellow circle in the sky, sometiumes more so than others. In fact, it is the image reflected in an egg yolk when it is broken open. The power of the Divine was thought to be in the egg for that reason. By consuming it one can imagine that people pondered the notion that they were taking in the spirit of the Mother god. Modrtn commercialism has transferred that to chocolate eggs and others things

Decorating and worshipping of the egg has followed this ideology. Of course it sygnifies reproduction and the beginning of life and the rabbit is also a synbol of the same. Probably the first animals to arrive in abundance after winter were rabbits and hares and they were a great food source. 'Hare' is conducive with 'her' for the Mother god. As they reproduced in abundance so did she, according to the simple minds of our ancestors.

Ice Age Cave Art demonstrates this in many statues and other forms of Mother god giving birth to animals and humans alike. Many religious people today still believe that it is the sun that impregnates female animals. This is reflected in the wearing of clothing that covers the entire body, as in the berqa. Until recent times all women had to be covered from neck to toes and wear gloves and hats or scarves on their heads.

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