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Election Day redux

Updated on December 16, 2013

Vote !!!

Quadruple check all voting information.

Find out your precinct.

Get a sample ballot and find out from the political party of your choice how to fill it out or rehearse how to use voting machine if your area does not use paper ballot.

Bring several forms of ID. Your voter's registration card and your driver's license are best but state-issued photo ID, US passport, military ID, and college student ID should also be brought.

Make sure your clock has been changed for Daylight Savings Time.

Vote in your precinct.

Go before work or during lunch or take the day off from work.

Remember that one political party is doing everything humanly possible to keep you from voting and to throw out your vote on some technicality; so have your attorney on speed dial and report irregularities to poll watchers, the news, and the local District Attorney prosecutor. Make sure that they go to prison if they try to steal your vote.

If your place of employment has threatened your job if you vote or if a certain candidate wins; then document everything, get a tape recording, and other incriminating evidence and make sure the SOB goes to prison and becomes someone's b*tch.

The Next Four Years

If Romney wins, this tells Democrats that obstruction works and goodbye America because Republicans will also take away the lesson that obstruction works.

If Obama wins, there will be slow economic growth but at least there will be growth.

If Romney wins, he might not bomb Canada but he might bomb Iran. Iran is not some little powerless country like Grenada (look up: "US invasion of Grenada"). Iran can hit back hard with nukes and germs and chemical warfare. They used chemical warfare on Iraq. They have experience with such warfare. If Romney wins, the Cold War will be back and maybe a hot war with Russia.

If Obama wins, he will extricate the USA from Afghanistan.

If Romney wins, the USA will stay in Afghanistan. He has investments in military contractors who would benefit from getting America into new wars and continuing with the old wars.

If Obama barely wins, Republicans will continue to obstruct him in Congress and he will continue to find other ways to get things done.

  1. executive order
  2. narrow votes in Congress
  3. using the courts
  4. working with states, governors, cities and mayors
  5. working with NGO's and nonprofits and faith-based organizations
  6. working with other countries and foreign leaders, a prerogative that presidents have always had
  7. getting his supporters to work on Congress (Obama badly under-utilized volunteers willing to do exactly this, the past four years)
  8. lobby
  9. Vice President Biden will cast tie-breaker votes in the Senate, a prerogative that vice-presidents have always had

If Romney wins, it will be a replay of post-Reconstruction when Democrats portrayed black office-holders as all corrupt and incompetent -- which runs contrary to the facts of history. Most of them were intelligent and honest people like Frederick Douglass (who served as a diplomat for the USA). This negative portrayal continued with historical revisionists, the KKK, and such films as Birth of a Nation. This time it will be Republicans who will continue to rewrite history to deny that President Obama accomplished anything -- at least nothing positive. For example health care reform in its present form came from the conservative Heritage Foundation and from Romneycare in Massachusetts but Republican leaders just couldn't let President Obama have any victory in Congress. Republicans will portray Obama as the worst president in history. This will embitter African-Americans who will permanently give up on the Republican Party (and the Klan will fill the vacuum). Contrary to popular belief, there are black Republicans. Romney will try to end "Obamacare" and discover that he does not have the votes in Congress and that the Supreme Court has already supported Obamacare. The Tea Party will then wreck the country since their psyche is all wrapped up in a Weltanschauung (German word for world view) that does not admit to any reality outside their solipsist bubble. Even in quantum theory, such a pocket universe is not stable (won't last).

If Obama wins, he might focus on reducing the national debt because he has a history of adopting the pet projects of political opponents. Health care reform was a pet project of the Heritage Foundation, Ted Kennedy, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and every president going all the way back to FDR. And maybe even before FDR.

If Romney wins, he will try to run the country like a private equity firm or a bank. In other words, he will run the country like George W. Bush.

If Obama wins, continuity.

If Romney wins, the enthusiasm will not last and the honeymoon with Congress will be brief. He will moderate his more extreme positions and the Tea Party will pitch a fit. In other words, they will wreck the country.

Regardless of who wins, there will be more talk of abortion (yawn), homosexuality (sodomy if you prefer), racism, immigration reform (code for open borders, no caps on immigration), rape (Democrats against, Republicans for), and no talk of climate change or privacy or the Patriot Act -- the only issues I regard as important. If there is no privacy, then all the other rights do not matter anyway. The reason for this is the hated Patriot Act which nullifies the Bill of Rights. [The NDAA digs the grave deeper] If there is no reversal of climate change, then there is no planet and, last time I checked the USA is on planet Earth. You can check out my other hubs which make the case that being pro-green (and anti-fossil and anti-fission) will have the side benefit of a booming economy. But . . .

If Romney wins, drill baby drill and goodbye ice at the poles, goodbye coastal cities, goodbye mild weather, goodbye uncontaminated groundwater, goodbye uncontaminated soil, goodbye.

If Obama wins, some progress on the environment.

If Romney wins, Democrats will not lie down and play dead like they did when Bush stole the election from Al Gore and then four years later unbelievably portrayed war hero Kerry as lacking leadership qualities (Bush was and still is AWOL). Democrats will have learned the lesson that obstruction is the name of the game from the past four years of Republicans in Congress. Expect a civil war.

A lot of the changing demographics that freak out some white voters are self-inflicted. If you want a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant country that speaks English, only allows marriage of heterosexuals (but maybe tolerates gay civil unions), and keeps terrorists at bay and if you want a strong economy, then maybe you need to do a few simple things:

  1. abandon gasoline and diesel vehicles and go electric (convert your existing car, I know a mechanic who can convert any car at an affordable price)
  2. shut down the fission power plants (but allow fusion research)
  3. shut down coal-fired plants
  4. just walk away from fossil and fission and don't look back
  5. switch to solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and wave power
  6. recognize that if employers want cheap labor and if you are anti-union, then you cannot complain if they import illegal aliens and you have lost all collective bargaining power. Your wages will continue to drop to sub-minimum until they outsource and send your job overseas. Employers, management, and BIG CORPORATIONS will run right over you.
  7. recognize that if you are an employer, since when have "pro-business" Republicans not rammed the economy into the ground? The last pro-business Republican was Hoover who brought about The Great Depression.
  8. recognize that the country would not be full of migrant labor and illegal immigrants if people like you did not hire domestics and maids and cheap labor and look the other way at the law
  9. recognize that your leaders spent all their psychic energy on holding down blacks for the past five centuries and this is the result: everything else fell apart
  10. recognize that Big Oil drags this country into places where we otherwise might not go resulting in blood for oil
  11. recognize that you cannot claim to be Christians and then keep silent when Christian minorities in Middle East countries are driven out
  12. recognize that you cannot whine about the existence of Israel and then keep silent when Jewish minorities in countries around the world are subject to special taxes and terrorist attack (we're talking today not the genocide in Nazi Germany that led to World War Two)
  13. recogtnize that you cannot claim to be Christians and then keep silent when Christian minorities in Africa are attacked by Arabizers and terrorists and Islamists.

This is the world you made. Romney does not understand the world and he does not understand America.

Obama does not understand black people because he was raised by a white mother and white grandparents. In other words, he is like a lot of white voters.

If Obama wins, then he will get an earful from black people whose unemployment rate is way higher than that of white people who have been loudly whining and whose average income is less than that of whites.

If Romney wins, then he won't care about blacks and he won't care about whites either. He might use the phrase "let them eat cake" and the upper class -- not the one percent -- the top tenth of one percent could get acquainted with the guillotine.

The next four years will be interesting.


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