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Elephant Costume - Elephant Costumes For Kids, Adults And Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Elephant Costume, Cute and Cool

Here's a cute and fun selection of elephant costume choices for kids, adults and dogs. These elephant costumes are stand out costumes for any party or children's dress up box. Comfortable and easy to wear, these jumpsuit costumes are a breeze to put on, so you'll be party ready in minutes!

An elephant costume is great as a solo costume or as part of a theme, there's the general animal theme, wild animals, circus and Disney characters which an elephant costume works great for. This is a fun costume choice that is sure to get you noticed!

See below for the cool collection to choose from. If you don't see the size you want listed, go through to the product pages for more size options.

Elephant Costume For Kids

These elephant costume designs are simply adorable. Your little one will look at cute as a button in any one of these cosy costumes.

Comfortable and easy to wear, these elephant costume options in jumpsuit form are perfect for getting kids party ready in no time at all.

Whether it's a new addition to an existing dress up box or the start of a new one, these elephant costume designs are perfectly cute costumes that kids will love wearing.

This is a huggable costume choice that is sure to make your little one the center of attention no matter where you are.

Kids love dressing up, and dress up can be educational as well as lots of fun. If a child is interested in animals, a costume is a great way to get them learning all about that animal, the sounds it makes, where it comes from etc.

Playing dress up is a great way to encourage create role play and imaginative games. Creative play is a really great way for kids to learn.

Elephant Costume For Adults

If you're looking for a good laugh this is a great costume choice to go for!

These elephant costume designs are really fun, cool costumes that are sure to be a hit at any party.

This is an easy to wear jumpsuit costume style that comes with a separate elephant headpiece. If you want to make a fun impact at your next costume party, this is a great costume choice to go for.

If you want to team an elephant costume with another animal for couples or group themes, there's lots of other animal costumes linked below the dog costumes.

Elephant Costume For Dogs

Just the one design to choose from, but it's a super cute costume for any dog.

The best way to measure your dog to ensure the correct costume size is to measure from the base of their neck down to the base of their tail in inches, this will give you the measurement that corresponds to the sizing.

X-Small: 10"

Small: 12"


Large: 20"

X-Large: 24"

This elephant costume for dogs is a cute one. Made from grey low pile plush, the costume tail has a metal brace so you can shape it as you wish.

This costume fastens with velcro from the neck to the tummy, there's even a leash hole so you can safety take your dog for a walk on the leash whilst wearing the costume.

This is a lovely dog costume that will fit most breeds.


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